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  • Double-click a task calendar name in the Calendar List.
  • Right-click a task calendar in the Calendar List and select the Calendar Properties command.
  • With a task calendar selected, click the Task Calendar Properties command in the Edit menu, or press the F2 keyboard shortcut. The Properties of the currently active task calendar will be shown.


Each task calendar of the Calendar List can have its properties individually modified. These properties consist of appearance settings for overdue, upcoming, and completed tasks. The properties also consist of default settings and reminders for new tasks.

The task calendar properties window.

Overall Properties

Calendar Name

The calendar can be renamed. This name will appear in the Calendar List.

Calendar Group

A group can be specified for the calendar. Calendar groups are used in the Calendar List to group similar calendars. The assigned group can be modified by dragging and dropping the calendar in the Calendar List, or by specifying a group name in the Calendar Properties window. To select an existing group, use the drop-down button. To create a new group, type in the desired name.


The appearance of overdue, upcoming, and completed tasks can be modified as described here.

Note, these color settings are not used when the "Color Events Using..." option on the View menu is configured to color items based on associated category or priority.

Task Defaults

Default settings can be specified for new tasks belonging to the specified task calendar.

Sharing (VueMinder Ultimate)

When using the Ultimate version, task calendars can be shared over a local network, enabling the same tasks to be viewed or modified by multiple people or from multiple computers. Task calendars are shared through VueMinder Server. Installation instructions can be found here.

To share a task calendar over the local network, check the "Share this calendar" box. If this is the first time you've shared a calendar, you may be asked to specify the server name. All computers sharing calendar data must be configured to use the same server. The server can be specified in the Sharing Options window. After sharing a task calendar, it can be added to the Calendar List on other computers by using the Add Shared Calendar From Local Network command, accessed from the File menu.

When the "Share this calendar" box is initially checked, the calendar will default to being read-only for all people on the network. You can assign a different default permission for the "(Everyone)" identifier, or you can selectively assign user permissions to override the default. In the example above, two additional users were added with "Contributor" permission, meaning they can both view and modify the calendar. Another user was set to "No Access", meaning they cannot view the task calendar. All other users can only view it. Permission levels are stored securely in the shared database, using 256-bit encryption. This ensures the data is secure from unauthorized users.

To add a user permission, type the user name or select it from the drop-down list. The user name needs to match the Windows login name of the user you're sharing with. After entering a valid user name, the "Add" button will become enabled. Click the "Add" button to add the user to the list below. If it's not easy to distinguish users based on login name, you can optionally enter a more descriptive name for the user in the "Name" cell, after clicking the Add button. To override the default permission level for the user, click the "Permission Level" cell, and select from the drop-down. The following permission levels are supported:

Google Tasks

If you have a task calendar in VueMinder that you would like to add to Google Calendar, open the Task Calendar properties and then click the "Google Tasks" tab. Next, check the box labeled "Synchronize with Google Calendar". 

Note: When syncing is initially enabled, a web page will appear asking you to log in and/or provide permission for VueMinder to access your Google Calendar data. Make sure to click the "Allow" button. If you do not, the calendar won't be able to sync.

The Google Calendar tab allows configuration of Google Calendar sync for a calendar.

After clicking OK, the calendar will be added as a new "task list" in Google Calendar. Unfortunately, Google Calendar is limited to showing one task list at a time. You can pick a different task list from the "Switch List" button in the lower-right corner of the Google Calendar web page.

Sync Frequency

A frequency can be specified for automatic syncing. Available frequencies are "Every hour" and "Every day". If automatic syncing is not desired, select "Manually". Syncing can be manually commanded using the Sync Calendar command on the Share menu or Status Bar.

Apply Task Defaults

When this box is checked, the default task settings specified on the Task Defaults tab will be applied to new tasks that are adding to VueMinder as a result of syncing with Google Calendar. In other words, if you add tasks to Google Calendar, you can use this option to automatically configure those tasks to show reminders in VueMinder.

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