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  • Click the "Status Bar" command on the View menu.


The status bar shows the current processing status, the active calendar name, and the number of events belonging to the active calendar. The active calendar is the one designated with an arrow in the Calendar List, and will be the default calendar when new events are created. To activate a different calendar, click its name in the list. The status bar will then update accordingly. Calendars that can be synced, such as subscriptions or Google Calendars, will also have a "Sync Now" button on the right-side of the status bar. 

The status bar showing basic information.

Active Calendar

In addition to the active calendar's name, additional information will be displayed depending on the properties of the active calendar:

Current Processing Status

The current processing status will usually be "Ready". The processing status will update to indicate when other background processing is being performed, such as syncing calendars or sending email reminders. After the processing completes, the status will return to "Ready".

Server is Offline

When sharing calendars over a local network and the server can't be reached, VueMinder will go into offline mode. An indicator of offline mode will be shown on the right-side of the status bar, with a red circle. Any changes made on the local computer will sync to the local network after the connection to the server is restored. This offline mode is only related to calendar sharing on the local network, not syncing with Google Calendar or other online calendars. You might see this notification when a firewall or other configuration problem on the server is encountered. Troubleshooting tips can be found here.


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