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Events and tasks can be set up to display a popup reminder. An example popup reminder is shown below.

To enable a popup reminder, check the "Show a popup reminder" box in the list of available actions on the Event Editor or Task Editor window. This will enable the popup reminder options to be viewed or modified as described below. There are two tabs for configuring the popup reminder settings. The "When" tab enables scheduling of when the popup reminder should appear. The "Content" tab enables selection of what the popup reminder should contain.

The popup reminder options.

Popup Reminder Settings - When

Before Event Start / Before Task Due

At Specified Date/Time

If you prefer to specify an exact date and time for the reminder to appear, you can use these fields. Any changes made here will automatically adjust the "Before event start" value, and vice versa. The values can be selected using the drop-down button or typed in with the keyboard.

Before Event End / Before Task Due

A secondary reminder can be displayed based on when the event ends or the task is due. For example, if you have an appointment to have your dog groomed, the first reminder would be for dropping your dog off at the groomer and the second reminder would be for picking up your dog later in the day. Rather than defining two events to get two reminders, a single event with starting and ending times could be used.

Reminder Sharing

Reminder sharing options will be displayed if the reminder is associated with an event belonging to a calendar that is published or shared over your local network. These options enable you to choose whom should see the reminder. You can also choose to not have the reminder shown to yourself.

When a calendar is published, additional reminder sharing options will become available.

Popup Reminder Settings - Content

Show a Picture

Play Media

You can select a song or video to display with the reminder.

Play Voice Reminder

When the "Play voice reminder" option is used, a text-to-speech voice will recite the associated reminder text, and repeat the specified number of times or until the reminder is snoozed/dismissed. This can be useful if you're often away from your desk, but within hearing distance. When the reminder appears, the computer will recite the reminder, so you won't need to look at your monitor to find out what the reminder is about. By default, the voice reminder will state the name of the event/task and when it is scheduled to begin. A voice template can be used to customize the recited text. A number of dynamic tags are also provided. For example, when the template includes a tag of [Description], any text entered on the Description tab will be recited. The default template can be specified in the Event Defaults tab of the Calendar Properties window.

Display Web Page

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