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  • Click the Reminders command on the Options menu.
  • Right-click the task tray icon and select the Reminders command from the Options submenu.
  • Click the Reminders tab in the Options window after it has been displayed by using one of the other commands in the Options menu.


The Reminders tab of the Options Window enables you to specify VueMinder reminder options.
The reminder options.

Reminders and Completion

Popup Reminder Window Settings

Rescheduling Reminders

Email, SMS, and Voice Reminders - Wake From Sleep

By default, VueMinder will wake the computer from sleep mode when an email, SMS, or voice message is scheduled for transmission. The computer will be returned to sleep mode one minute after the reminder is sent. This option ensures the transmission of reminders is not delayed. If you don't want the computer to wake from sleep mode to send reminders, this option can be disabled by unchecking the box labeled "Temporarily wake computer from sleep mode to send reminders when scheduled".

Note, if the computer is completely powered off, this feature won't work. The computer has to be in sleep or hibernate mode. Also, the power settings must be properly configured to allow wake timers.

  • In "Control Panel > Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Sleep > Allow Wake Timers", ensure all items are enabled.
  • If there is no password set on your Windows account, make sure that in "Control Panel > Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Additional Settings > Require a password on wakeup", all items are disabled.

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