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How to get here...

  • Click the Recent Reminders command on the Tools menu.
  • Right-click the VueMinder task tray icon and select the Recent Reminder command from the popup menu.
  • While the main window is displayed, press Ctrl+R.


The Recent Reminders window is accessible from the Tools Menu or the Task Tray icon's right-click menu. This window lists recently snoozed and dismissed reminders. It also lists reminders that were sent via email, SMS text messages, and voice phone calls. The reminders are ordered by when they were processed, with the most recently displayed or sent reminders appearing at the top of the list. Up to 50 recent reminders can be displayed in this list. Older reminders will be removed to make room for newer ones. The different reminder types are indicated using different icons in the list, as shown in the example below.

The Recent Reminders window.

Redisplay a Snoozed or Dismissed Reminder

To redisplay a snoozed or dismissed reminder, click the reminder in the list to select it. You can tell which reminder is selected by looking for the arrow. Next, click the "Redisplay" button below the list. The reminder will be immediately redisplayed, enabling you to select a different snooze time, or dismiss the reminder. The selected reminder will also move to the top of the list, since the list is ordered to show the most recent reminders at the top. Depending on whether the redisplayed reminder is snoozed or dismissed, the reminder status will also be updated.

Resend an Email, Text Message, or Voice Reminder

To repeat the sending of an email, SMS, or voice reminder, click the reminder in the list and then click the "Resend" button. As with popup reminders and desktop alerts, the selected reminder will be moved to the top of the list and its status updated. There could be a slight delay before this happens, since the reminder is sent in the background and requires a few seconds to process.

Open Event or Task

In addition to redisplaying or resending recent reminders, you can also open the associated event or task from the Recent Reminders window. The Event Editor or Task Editor will be displayed, where the details of the event or task can be modified, including the reminder settings.

Always on Top

The Recent Reminders window can be set to always display above other windows. It can also be displayed independently of the main window. This provides the capability to move the Recent Reminders window to a corner of the screen, where you can keep tabs on any currently active reminders. The window will update automatically as reminders are displayed, snoozed, dismissed, and transmitted via email or SMS.


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