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  • Click the Proxy Settings command on the Options menu.
  • Right-click the task tray icon and select the Proxy Settings command from the Options submenu.
  • Click the Proxy Settings tab in the Options window after it has been displayed by using one of the other commands in the Options menu.


The Proxy Settings tab of the Options Window enables you to specify proxy settings, if required to access the internet. If you don't connect through a proxy server (or don't know what this means), then you can probably use the default setting, which is to not use a proxy server.
The proxy server options tab.

Use Proxy Server

If you connect to the internet through a proxy server, your proxy settings can be entered after checking the "Use a proxy server" box.  If you don't connect through a proxy, you should leave this box unchecked to ensure VueMinder can correctly connect. VueMinder connects to the internet when checking for software updates, publishing or subscribing to online calendars, syncing with Google Calendar, sending meeting requests, and sending email, SMS, or voice reminders.
The proxy options tab when Use Proxy is enabled.

Specify a Proxy Server

If you have configured Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the internet through a proxy server, you can simply have VueMinder reuse those settings.  Alternatively, you can choose to manually specify a proxy server and port by clicking the corresponding option.

Specifying a proxy server.

Proxy Server Authentication

If your proxy server requires authentication to connect, check the "Proxy server requires authentication" box.  This will enable you to enter the user name and password that are required to connect.  The password is saved locally using 256-bit encryption.

Specifying proxy authentication options.

Test Proxy Settings

After entering your proxy settings, it is recommended that you test your settings by using the "Text Proxy Settings" button. This will test your internet connectivity and report whether the proxy settings are correct.

This message is displayed if the proxy settings are correct.


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