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  • Click the Print or Print Preview commands on the File menu.
  • Click Ctrl+P or Ctrl+F2.
  • Click the Print button on the main toolbar.
  • Click the Print button at the top of the desktop calendar.


VueMinder provides many different print layout styles and settings, as well as a print preview window that is updated automatically as print settings are modified. After you've selected your print settings, you can continue printing by clicking the "Print" button in the Print window.

Try PrintableCal if you're looking for more flexibility when printing, such as a Month layout that can dynamically grow to fit all events, or the ability to customize the printout with logos and branding information. PrintableCal is an add-in for Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. It can import events from VueMinder and just about any other calendar app and print those events in day, week, month, and year layouts that you can customize.

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The Print and Print Preview windows.

How to Fit More Items on a Page

In some cases, you may have more items defined than will print on a single page. Here are some tips on how you can fit more items into the printout. This is information is primarily intended for the "Monthly" layout style, but applies to some of the other print styles as well.

Span Two Pages

If you still can't get all events to appear in the Monthly printout, try checking the "2 pages per month" box in the Print window. This should allow much more space and reduce the amount of word-wrapping. It will also allow for a larger font size, which will make it easier to read. After you print, you can crop the margin and tape the two pages together, if desired.


A title can be optionally specified.

A title can be specified in the Print settings.

The title will appear at the top of each printed page.

The specified title will appear at the top of each page.

Date Range

You can specify a range of dates to print, either by making a selection from the list, or by entering a custom date range. Note that depending on the selected print layout style, additional dates may be included in the printout. For example, when using a Monthly print style, entire months containing the starting and ending dates will be printed. If a date range of 11/30/2011 to 12/3/2012 were specified, months November, December, and January would all be printed in their entirety. When printing a Yearly style, only the years of the entered date range are used. Even if a print range of a single day were specified, the entire year containing the date would still be printed.

A print range can be selected from a list of presets.

The following print range options are provided:

The starting or ending dates can be modified by selecting a new date from the drop-down calendar, or by typing one in. When a custom date is entered, the print range selection will automatically switch to "A range of dates".

You can enter a custom date range.


You can select from a variety of print styles. You can also choose to print in color (if supported by your printer) or grayscale. Some print styles have additional layout settings. These are described in more detail below. Some print layouts also enable you to choose whether to print a date header and whether to exclude non-working days from the printout. Working days are specified in the Calendar options.

The print layout settings allow a variety of print styles to be selected.

Daily Print Style

The Daily style prints each day within the specified date range. Days are printed one per page. This is the default print style when the Day view is displayed.

Daily print style settings.

Weekly Print Style

The Weekly style prints all weeks that contain the specified date range. Weeks are printed one per page. This is the default print style when the Week view is displayed. The first day of the printed week is specified in the Calendar options.

The weekly print style.

Monthly Print Style

The Monthly style prints all months that contain the specified date range. This is the default print style when the Month view is displayed.

The monthly print style settings.

Yearly Print Style

The Yearly style prints an entire year's calendar on a single page. Event details are not shown, although dates that contain events will be bold or colored based on the color of the first event occurring on a date. This is the default print style when the Year view is displayed.

The Yearly print style settings.

Timeline Print Style

The Timeline style prints a horizontal representation of your schedule, with each visible calendar in the Calendar List on a separate row. Tasks and notes will also be displayed on their own rows, if the View menu is set to show tasks and notes in the Calendar View. The horizontal timeslot interval is based on the current setting in the Timeline View.

The Timeline print layout settings.

Details Print Style

The Details style prints events falling within the specified date range. Event titles, locations, times, and descriptions will be printed in a report format, organized by date. A header will be printed for each day containing events, showing the date and day name.

The Details print style settings.

Memo Print Style

The Memo style prints events falling within the specified date range. It's similar to the Details print style, but instead of headers being printed for each day, this information is included with each event. Event titles, locations, dates, times, descriptions, and recurrence patterns will be printed in a report format that is similar to the print style that some email programs provide.

The Memo print style settings.

List Print Style

The List style prints events, tasks, notes, or contacts exactly as they appear in the List View, including visible columns, sort order, filters, and row grouping. This is the default print style when printing is commanded while the List View is active. The list will be scaled to enable all columns to fit within the page.

The List print style settings.

Tri-Fold Print Style

The Tri-Fold style enables you to print any combination of the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly styles on a single page, using 3 equal areas (left, center, and right). You can also choose to include a blank area if you'd like space for handwritten notes on the printout.

The Tri-Fold print layout style settings.

Print Preview

A dynamic print preview window can be displayed by clicking the "Auto Preview" button. This print preview window will automatically update whenever print setting changes are made.

The Auto Preview button shows a print preview window that automatically updates to match current print settings.

You can perform many actions on the print preview window...

Page Setup and Print Buttons

A Page Setup button is provided at the bottom of the Print window.

The Page Setup button allows margin sizes to be adjusted.

Clicking this button will cause the following window to be displayed, where the page orientation and margins can be adjusted. The default margin size is 0.5 inches.

The Page Setup window.

After you're satisfied with your print layout and page settings, you can click the Print button. This will cause the following window to be displayed, where you can select the output printer, page range, and number of copies to print. You can also adjust your printer's properties, which will vary depending on your printer model. Clicking the OK button will send the job to the printer.

The standard Print dialog.

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