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  • The popup reminder window is automatically displayed when enabled for a task or event.
  • The Preview button in the popup reminder settings can be used to see how the popup reminder will appear.
  • The Recent Reminders window can be used to redisplay previously snoozed or dismissed popup reminders.


The popup reminder window is displayed to remind you of upcoming or past-due events and tasks. Popup reminders can be configured in the Event Editor and Task Editor windows.

The reminder window with example reminders listed.

Reminder List

When a reminder comes due, the reminder window will display and the reminder will be selected in the list for display.

The reminder list contains the following columns. These columns can be turned on or off via the Reminder Options. You can sort reminders by clicking one of these column headers:

Reminder With Event Description

Below is an example of a reminder that includes an event description. If this reminder were for a task, the task details would be displayed instead of the event description. In both cases, the text is formatted as entered in the Event Editor or Task Editor, and any links contained in the description can be clicked. Links to files or other events, tasks, notes, and contacts will also be clickable. In addition, the details can be printed, copied to the Windows clipboard, or emailed, using the buttons below the detail text.

An example popup reminder showing the event description.

Picture Reminder

Below is an example of a reminder that includes a picture. You can optionally specify a song or wav file to play along with the picture when defining the event or task. In this example, a song is also included. The controls for adjusting the song playback are at the bottom of the picture.
An example popup reminder containing a picture and playing a song.

Video Reminder

Below is an example of a reminder that plays a video. The video will start as soon as the reminder is activated. You can use the playback controls at the bottom of the video to pause or skip to a different part of the video.An example popup reminder containing a video.

Web Page Reminder

Below is an example of a reminder that has an embedded web page. The web page can be navigated just as you would in a normal browser. You can click links or right-click to browse forward or back. This type of reminder can be useful if you do online banking and have bill reminders.
An example popup reminder containing a web page.

Adjusting Reminder List Height

By default, up to 4 reminders will fit in the reminder list without needing to scroll. The list height can be adjusted to make room for more reminders. Or, if you seldom have multiple reminders, the list height can be decreased to make the window smaller. To adjust the list height, click and drag the bottom border. The height will be remembered and used whenever the popup reminder window is shown.

Snoozing Reminders

Dismissing Reminders

Reminders can be dismissed.

Opening and Deleting

Events can be opened or deleted from the reminder window.

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