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  • Click the "Parent task" field on the "Related Tasks" tab of the Task Editor.
  • Click the "Add Existing" button under the Subtasks section on the "Related Tasks" tab of the Task Editor.
  • Click the "When another task is completed" option for the task starting time on the "Start/Due" tab of the Task Editor.


VueMinder supports hierarchical tasks. Each task can have zero or one parent task, and zero or more child tasks (subtasks). For example, a complex task like building a home addition could consist of subtasks such as acquiring a permit, purchasing building materials, performing various phases of construction, scheduling inspections, etc. All the subtasks feed into the parent task, which is not considered completed until all subtasks are finished. Some subtasks might depend on completion of another subtask before that can begin, or might have subtasks of their own. These relationships can all be specified on the "Related Tasks" and "Start/Due" tabs of the Task Editor, enabling a complex hierachy of related tasks to be defined with very little effort. The "Task Browser" window enables selection of related tasks.

How to Select a Task

To select a parent task, click the "Parent Task" text field on the Task Editor. To select a subtask, click the "Add Existing" button under the Subtasks section on the Task Editor. In either case, the Task Browser window will appear enabling selection of the desired task. The list of tasks in the browser can be searched, sorted, and filtered, much like the Task List in the main window.

To select a task froim the Task Browser window, click the task's row and then click the OK button. The Task Editor will be updated to show the name of the selected task.


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