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  • Click the "Navigation Pane" option in the View menu, if it doesn't have a check mark.
  • The Navigation Pane will default to being docked along the left edge of the main window, after a fresh installation or when the "Reset Window Layout" command is used on the Window menu.
  • The Navigation Pane can be unpinned and automatically hidden along one of the edges of the main window. If you don't see the Navigation Pane and its option is already checked in the View menu, look for a tab labeled "Navigation Pane" along on the edge of window. Move the cursor over this tab to make the Navigation Pane appear.


The Navigation Pane shows one or more months, enabling quick navigation to a different date. It also shows a summary of a date's activities when the mouse is hovered over that date. The display of the Navigation Pane can be toggled on or off from the View Menu.

The month navigation pane using the default size.

Selecting Dates

To select a date, click it. A range of dates can be selected by clicking and dragging. A whole week can be selected by clicking a week number. As dates are selected in the Navigation Pane, the Calendar View will automatically update to display the selected date(s). If there are events, tasks, or notes on the selected date, the first item will be also be selected and the Details Pane will update to show information about the item.

Date Colors

When using the default appearance theme, the current date will be outlined with a orange square and selected dates will be highlighted orange. Dates having one or more visible events, tasks, or notes will have bold date numbers. When the Appearance Option to display dates using event appearances is enabled (the default), dates containing events will be colored to match the appearance of the first event on that date. These colors will also override the gray highlighting for selected dates. Weekend dates will be displayed in black, by default. If you want weekends to be colored differently (such as red), this can be changed via an Appearance Option.

First Day of the Week

The first day of the week will vary depending on your Window's regional settings. For example, in the United States, the first day of the week defaults to Sunday (as shown in the example image above). In the United Kingdom, it defaults to Monday. This default setting is a Calendar Option that can be overridden to enable any day to be selected as the first day of the week.

Week Numbering

Week numbers can be displayed or hidden in the Navigation Pane via a Calendar Option. Also, two standards for week numbering are supported - Simple Week Numbering and ISO 8601. Simple week numbering will cause the week containing the first day of the year to always be numbered as 1. This is the standard used in the United States. ISO 8601 week numbering will cause the week containing the first Thursday of the year to be numbered as 1. This is the standard used in Europe. The week numbering standard can be selected in the Calendar Options window.

Resizing the Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane can be resized by clicking on its border and dragging the mouse, or by resizing the main window. Depending on its size, the number of months that are displayed will be adjusted accordingly. For example, if you're only want to see one month at a time, the pane could be resized as shown below.

The navigation pane resized to show one month.

If you'd like to see more months, you can resize the Navigation Pane as shown below.

The navigation pane resized to show 6 months.

Navigating Displayed Months or Years

Regardless of how many months are displayed at one time, you can easily scroll between months or years by clicking the left or right arrows at the top of the Navigation Pane. The month arrow buttons are the inner ones (circled orange below), and the year buttons are the double-arrows (circled red below). Note you can also use the navigation arrows displayed next to the date label in the Month View to navigate between months, or in the Year View to navigate between years.

The arrows on the month header row allow month navigation.

Context Menu Commands

The Navigation Pane also has a context menu that is accessible by right clicking.

The navigation pane's context menu.


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