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How to get here...

  • Open the main window. The main toolbar will be displayed along the top edge, below the main menu.
  • If you don't see the main toolbar, right-click the main menu and check the "Main Toolbar" option in the popup menu.

Main Toolbar Commands

The Main Toolbar provides button shortcuts to commands that are also available from the various submenus of the Main Menu. It can be customized by using the Customize Menus and Keyboard command on the Tools menu, and dragging desired command shortcuts to the toolbar.

The main toolbar.

1. New...

The New button expands into a submenu of commands for creating new items.

The New button provides commands for creating new items.

New Calendar

New Task Calendar

New Note Calendar

New Shared Calendar

New Calendar Group

New Category

New Event

New Recurring Event

New All Day Event

New Event For Contact

New Meeting Request

New Task

New Note

New Contact

New Distribution List

2. New Event

3. New Event For Contact

4. New Meeting Request

5. New Task

6. New Note

7. New Contact

8. Delete

9. Undo

This command will undo the most recent operation. The exact operation will be included as part of the Undo command's caption (example: Undo Delete Event). After undoing an operation, the next recent operation will be associated with the Undo command. There is no limit to the number of operations that can be added to the undo stack and associated with the Undo command. The only time the undo stack will be cleared is when an operation is performed, such as importing events from an iCalendar file, that is too complex to be undone. The following are examples of operations that can be undone:

10. Search

11. Print

12. Transfer Data to VueMinder USB

13. Save as Web Page (HTML)

14. Help

Contact Us

If you have questions that aren't answered here, you can reach our support team at If you're using VueMinder Ultimate you'll have our top priority. Otherwise, we'll reply as soon as all VueMinder Ultimate requests have been completed (and always within 1 business day).


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