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  • This window will appear after commanding events to import from an ics file, if the destination calendar contains events that weren't found in the imported file.


When importing an ICS file to a destination calendar, via the Import Calendar window, the Delete/Overwrite Events window will be shown if the destination calendar contains existing events that do not appear to match any of the imported events. This enables you to pick and choose which existing events should be deleted or overwritten with data from the ICS file. This is useful if you have an existing calendar that you've added events to, and want to add some additional events by importing from an ICS file, without losing events previously entered.

The Delete/Overwrite Events window.

Selecting Events to Delete or Overwrite

To select which dates should be deleted or overwritten based on the contents of the ICS file, use the checkboxes in the list.

When you are satisfied with your selections, click the Continue Importing button to complete the import.

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