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VueMinder supports a powerful variety of recurrence patterns and ranges. If your event periodically repeats, chances are you'll be able to specify its recurrence using the settings described below. You can specify event recurrence on the "Recurrence" tab of the Event Editor window, when the "Recurring Event..." box is checked.
The event can be made recurring.

Recurrence Pattern

Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurrence patterns can be specified for the recurring event. Each of these patterns have additional settings, described in more detail below.


The daily event recurrence options.


The weekly event recurrence options.


The monthly event recurrence options.


The yearly event recurrence options.

Recurrence Range

A recurrence range can be specified, where the recurring event series will end after a specified number of occurrences or after a certain date.

The event recurrence range options.

Recurrence Pattern and Event Durations

VueMinder does not support defining a recurring event with a duration large enough to cause occurrences of the event series to overlap. For example, if you define an event with a duration of 2 weeks, but set the recurring pattern to happen every week, this would cause occurrences to overlap. If the Event Editor detects this condition when the OK button is clicked, a message will be displayed. To correct this, reduce the event duration, or change the recurrence pattern so occurrences won't overlap.

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