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  • Click the "Email Settings" command on the Options menu.
  • Click the Settings button when configuring an email reminder for an event or task.


The Email Settings tab of the Options Window enables you to specify your email settings. These settings are used by VueMinder when sending email reminders. These settings might also be required for sending text message reminders, depending on your SMS service. In addition, these settings are used when sending meeting requests and responses.

A button is provided at the bottom of the window for testing your settings. One very common problem sending email is caused by firewall or security software that blocks VueMinder from transmitting email. If you encounter any problems, and you're sure the specified settings are correct, try adding an exception for "vueminder.exe" to your security software.
The email settings tab.

Email Provider

There are two options for the email provider.

Web-Based Email Service

To use the web-based email service, click the option at the top of the window. The window will update as shown below, simplifying the setup of email reminders. If you don't have an account, you can request one here.

User Information

Account Information

SMTP Email Provider

User Information

Server and Login Information

Send a Test Email

After your enter or modify your email settings, it's advised that you send a test email to ensure VueMinder will be able to correctly send email and text message reminders. Click the "Send a Test Email" to initiate the test. If VueMinder successfully connects to the email server and commands an email to be transmitted, you'll see the following message:
This message is shown after successfully sending an email.

Wait a few minutes, and then check your inbox. You'll see a message with subject "VueMinder Test Email", similar to this:
The email that is received after a successful test.

If you don't receive this message after waiting several minutes, double-check your settings to ensure they are correct.

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If you have questions that aren't answered here, you can reach our support team at If you're using VueMinder Ultimate you'll have our top priority. Otherwise, we'll reply as soon as all VueMinder Ultimate requests have been completed (and always within 1 business day).


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