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  • Click the "Details Pane" command on the View menu.
  • The Details pane defaults to the bottom-left corner of the screen. If you don't see it, try resetting the window layout using the Window menu.


The Details Pane shows details for today or for the currently selected date, event, task, note, or contact. Buttons at the bottom of the Details Pane enable the details to be printed, copied, or emailed. Navigation buttons are also provided for moving sequentially through items, in the order they occur.

Event Details

When an event is selected in the Calendar View or Event List, the event title, assigned calendar, category, start and end date/time, location, recurrence settings, reminder status, description, and linked items can be shown. If the event belongs to a shared calendar, the event creator and date/time of the last modification will also be shown. Any information that is not applicable to the selected event will not be displayed. Also, links (such as to web pages or local files) contained within event description will be clickable from the Details pane.

The Details Pane shows event details, including a formatted text description that can contain clickable links.

Task Details

When a task is selected in the Calendar View or Task List, the task description, completion status, category, due date, start time/duration, and repeat settings will be shown. Any items that are not applicable to the selected task will not be displayed. The description text for overdue tasks will be colored red. It will be colored gray for completed tasks, and black for tasks that have not been completed but are not yet overdue.

The Details Pane shows information about the currently selected task.

Note Details

When a note is selected in the Calendar View or Note List, the note will be shown in the Details Pane.

An example note shown in the Details Pane.

Contact Details

When a contact is selected in the Contacts List, the contact's details will appear in the Details Pane.

Date Details

When a date is selected in the Calendar View or when the Details Pane content has been set to "Today", the Details Pane will show all the events that occur on the day as well as any overdue tasks. Events that have already occurred will be colored gray.

Command Buttons

Command buttons are provided at the bottom of the Details Pane.

From left to right, the commands are defined as follows:


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