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Events and tasks can be assigned to categories, and use the associated category appearance when the Categories tab in the Calendar Items List is active, or when the "Color Events Using" or "Color Event Sidebar Using" options in the View menu are set to show category colors. The Category Editor enables categories to be created, renamed, or deleted. It also enables category colors to be modified. This window can be accessed by clicking the "..." button in the Categories input field on the Event Editor or Task Editor. It can also be accessed from the Tools menu.

The Category Editor window allows categories to be added, modified, or deleted. Category colors can also be adjusted.

Category List

The category list shows all the currently defined category names. By default, all categories will be colored white and gray. Appearances can be assigned to categories to help differentiate categories, or draw attention to items associated with a particular category, when the Calendar View is configured to show colors based on category.

Adding Categories

A category can be added by clicking the "Add" button. A new category will be inserted in the list and the "Category name" field activated to enable naming of the new category. If the specified name is already used for another category, a message will be displayed.

Deleting Categories

To delete a category, click its name in the list and then click the Delete button. If the deleted category is associated with any events or tasks, the association will be removed. Categories can also be deleted by pressing the Delete key.

Modifying Existing Categories

An existing category can be renamed or its appearance changed. To do this, click the category in the list. Next, enter the new category name or desired appearance using the appearance editor. Category names can't be blank.


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