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  • The Calendar Items List appears on the left side of the main window when using the default window layout.
  • If you don't see the Calendar Items List, try clicking the "Calendar Items" option in the View menu.
  • If you still don't see it, then it might be unpinned or hidden. Check along the edge of the main window for a "Calendar Items" label. If you see it, move the cursor over the label to make the Calendar Items List appear. Click the pin button to make it stay in place.
  • If you don't see the Calendar Items list, try resetting the window layout using the Window menu.


The Calendar Items area of the main window contains tabs for listing calendars, categories, priority types, and locations. Check boxes next to item names enable associated events, notes, and tasks to be filtered from the display.

The checkmarks next to item names are very important. If an item doesn't have a checkmark, its associated events, tasks, or notes will be hidden. If you think VueMinder has suddenly lost your data because the data is no longer displayed, chances are one or more boxes were accidentally unchecked! Click the X button at the bottom of the Calendar Items list to make all items visible.

When the "Color Events Using" option in the View menu is set to use the active tab in the Calendar Items area, switching between the tabs will recolor events, tasks, and notes based on the associated calendar, category, priority, and location appearances. The Calendar Items area also enables events, tasks, and notes to be filtered from the display, by unchecking items you don't want to see.

The calendar list showing some example calendar categories.

Calendar Icons

Calendars displayed in the list can have varying icons or combinations of icons...

Default Calendar

When a calendar is activated, it will be the default calendar for any new events, tasks, or notes. Depending on the active calendar type, double-clicking an empty area in the Calendar View will result in either a new event, task, or note being created. For example, if the "Notes" calendar is active, double-clicking an empty area in the Month view will result in a new note being created. Before creating a new item, you can activate the desired calendar to avoid needing to select the calendar from the Calendar drop-down in the editor window.

When an item is clicked in the Calendar View, the calendar associated with the clicked item will be activated. In addition, the VueMinder application's title bar will be updated to indicate the name of the currently active calendar, and the Status Bar will refresh to show the active calendar's details.

Filtering Calendar Items

On each of the tabs of the Calendar Items area, checkboxes are displayed for the various items. These checkboxes are used for filtering display of associated events, tasks, and notes from the Calendar View. For example, if you have a calendar containing events that you usually don't need to see, you can uncheck the calendar in the list. Similarly, if there is a certain category, event location, or priority type that you don't need to see, those can be filtered as well. When items are filtered, a message will be displayed at the bottom of the Calendar Items area. This message contains an "X" button, enabling the filter to be reset, so all events, tasks, and notes will be displayed.

Calendars, categories, priorities, and locations can all be filtered.

Any tab having one or more active filters will have its name in bold. In the example above, every tab has at least one filtered item.

Context Menu Commands for Calendars

Right-clicking a calendar in the Calendar List will result in the following context menu being displayed:

The calendar list context menu.

Calendar Properties

Add Calendar

Add Calendar Subscription

Add Public Calendars and Holidays

Add Local Outlook Calendar

Add Exchange Calendar

Add Google Calendar

Add Google Tasks

New Calendar

New Task Calendar

New Note Calendar

New Shared Calendar

New Calendar Group

Rename Calendar

Delete Calendar

Show Only this Calendar



Sync Calendar

Send Calendar via Email

Context Menu Commands for Calendar Groups

Right-clicking a top-level calendar group will result in the following menu. Most of the commands are the same as the ones described above, when right-clicking a calendar name. However, a few are different, and will be described below.

The calendar group context menu.

Rename Calendar Group

Delete Group

Context Menu Commands for Categories, Priorities, and Locations

When right-clicking a category, priority, or location, a context menu similar to the one shown below will be displayed. In the example below, a category was clicked. Similar commands will be displayed for priority types and locations.

The context menu when right-clicking a category.

New Category / Priority Type / Location

Delete Category / Priority / Location

Show Selected Category / Priority / Location

Show Only the Selected Category / Priority / Location

Hide Selected Category / Priority / Location

Show All / Hide All



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