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  • The Appearance Toolbar defaults to appearing at the top of the Main Window.
  • If you don't see it, click the "Appearance Toolbar" option on the View menu.


The Appearance Toolbar enables the display of calendars, events, notes, categories, priority types, and locations to be customized. The fill color, gradient pattern, and font may be modified to visually distinguish between these elements. The toolbar can also be used to assign background colors or images to dates selected in the Month view.

Day Background

A button is provided on the Appearance Toolbar for setting or clearing day backgrounds in the Month View. Backgrounds can be set to solid colors or images. The images can be selected from the local drive, network, or internet. For more information, see the Day Backgrounds topic. An example Month view, where several images have been set, is shown below.

Default Appearance Toolbar Settings

Each time a new calendar is created, a random pre-generated default appearance is applied to it. For example, a calendar could have the following appearance toolbar settings:

The default appearance toolbar settings for the first calendar.

An event created using these appearance settings will look like the example below:

An example event using the default appearance settings for the first calendar.

There are 114 distinctive pre-generated appearances. Each time a new calendar is created, its default appearance will be randomly assigned to one of the pre-generated appearances. The example below shows a few of the pre-generated appearances, which can be modified using the Appearance Toolbar.

Example events showing several default calendar appearances.

Appearance Toolbar Controls

An appearance can be modified using the following 14 items on the Appearance Toolbar:

The appearance toolbar controls.

1. Font Name and Size

2. Font Color

3. Font Style - Bold

4. Font Style - Italic

5. Font Style - Underline

6. Left Align

7. Center

8. Right Align

9. Primary Background Color

10. Border Color / Secondary Background Color

11. Background Gradient Style

12. Copy Appearance

13. Paste Appearance

14. Day Background


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