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  • Click the "Add Shared Calendar From Local Network" command on the File menu.
  • Right-click in the Calendar List and select "Add Shared Calendar From Local Network" on the popup menu.
  • Press the F9 key.


As of version 11.1, this documentation is no longer applicable and the "Add Shared Calendar" command has been removed. Shared calendars that you can access will automatically appear in the calendar list. There's no longer a need to manually add the calendars.

If a calendar has been shared over your local network from another computer, via the Sharing tab in the Calendar Properties window, the "Add a Shared Calendar" window will enable that calendar to be added to your Calendar List, provided you have sufficient permissions to read or contribute to the shared calendar. The "Add Shared Calendar" window can be displayed by used the "Add Shared Calendar From Local Network" command on the File menu, and will list all shared calendars on the local network which you have permission to access.

Note: Click here for a step-by-step guide to sharing calendars.
This window allows you to add shared calendars to your calendar list. Only calendars you have permission to read or write will be shown.

Adding a Shared Calendar to Your Calendar List

To add one or more of the shared calendars to your Calendar List, check the shared calendar's box and then click OK. After closing the window, the calendar(s) will be added to your list and automatically synced within a few seconds. The shared calendar will automatically sync within 15 seconds whenever a change is detected, and does this quietly in the background. Whenever an event is changed, its timestamp is updated. The program keeps track of the last time it synced, and will detect if any shared events have been modified since the last sync. Only changed events are synced.

Note: VueMinder will attempt to handle timestamp differences caused by computers on the local network having different clock times. The differences are resolved by VueMinder connecting to an internet time server to get the actual time. The internet time server is specified in the Calendar Options. However, there may be cases where the internet time server is busy and can't provide the current time, or can't be accessed due to firewall or proxy server issues. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that all computers on the local network be configured so their system clocks are in sync. Differences of just a few seconds can sometimes result in syncing problems if VueMinder is unable to acquire an accurate timestamp.

Permission Levels

When adding a shared calendar where you have "Reader" permission, the calendar and its event will be read-only. You'll be able to assign popup reminders and desktop alerts to the events, for your use only, and also adjust the calendar and event colors on your computer. You can also open events in the Event Editor to see their details. However, making any other changes to the event will not be allowed, since it is read-only. This will be indicated with a message at the top of the Event Editor window.
With the Reader permission, shared events will be read-only. A message will appear at the top of the Event Editor when opening a read-only event.

If you need write access to the calendar, ask the calendar owner to add your Windows username to the list of users with "Contributor" permission on the Sharing tab of the Calendar Properties window. With the "Contributor" permission level, you can delete, modify, or add events to the shared calendar. You can also modify the default settings for new events belonging to the shared calendar. The only restriction is that for events you didn't originally create, you won't be able to add email or text message reminders. Only the original creator of an event can set those types of reminders - this prevents the same email or text message from being sent multiple times.


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