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  • Use the "Add Calendar -> Add Google Calendar" command on the File menu.
  • Right-click in the Calendar List and select the "Add Calendar -> Add Google Calendar" command from the popup menu.


The Add Google Calendar command is accessed from the File menu. Before using the "Add Google Calendar" command for the first time, make sure you're logged into the desired Google account in your web browser.

A list of available Google calendars will be displayed in the Add Google Calendar Window. You can pick a calendar from this list that you'd like to sync with VueMinder. After selecting a calendar, click the "Add Calendar" button to add it to your Calendar List in VueMinder.

Note: The Add Google Calendar window is used to add existing Google calendars to VueMinder. If you have a calendar in VueMinder that you'd like to add to Google Calendar, syncing can be enabled on the Sync tab of the Calendar Properties window.

How to Add a Google Calendar to VueMinder

To add a Google Calendar, click the "Add Calendar -> Add Google Calendar" command on the File menu. If you're not already logged into a Google account, a secure web page will prompt for login. After logging into Google, another page will appear requesting permission to access your Google calendars, contacts, and tasks.

Note, VueMinder will only access your contacts if syncing with Google Contacts has been enabled via the "Google Contact Sync" command on the Share menu. The request to access calendars and tasks should be self-explanatory. VueSoft's privacy policy can be found here.

Click the "Allow access" button and then close the web browser. This only needs to be done one time.

After granting permission, the "Add Google Calendar" window will appear.

A list of your Google Calendars will be displayed. These can be selected for syncing with VueMinder using a single button click.

My Google Calendars and Other Google Calendars

Two categories of calendars will be displayed, labeled "My Google Calendars" and "Other Google Calendars". These will typically correspond to the "My Calendars" and "Other Calendars" items shown on the Google Calendar webpage. Calendars that are both readable and writable will be listed under "My Google Calendars", while calendars that are read-only will be listed under "Other Google Calendars". The mapping might not always be one-to-one with what is seen on the Google Calendar web page, since you may have read/write access to calendars that belong to other Google Calendar accounts.

Your own calendars, as well as other shared Google Calendars, can be added to VueMinder.

Calendars listed under "My Google Calendars" can sync with VueMinder either 1-way or 2-way, while calendars listed under "Other Google Calendars" will only sync 1-way from Google Calendar to VueMinder, due to the calendar being read-only in Google Calendar.

Sync with Multiple Google Accounts

VueMinder can only sync with one Google account. If the Add Google Calendar window doesn’t list the calendars associated with your other account(s), open the Google Calendar webpage and log into your other account (the one that isn’t synced with VueMinder). Click the drop-down arrow next to your calendar’s name and select "Share this calendar". Enter the Google account name that you use when syncing with VueMinder. Make sure to adjust the calendar permissions as needed. In VueMinder, click the "Add Google Calendar" command on the File menu. You should see your other account's calendar in the list. You can add the calendar and VueMinder will sync with the calendar just like the calendars in your primary account.

Sync with a Different Account

If you want to switch VueMinder to sync with a different account, click the "Use a different account" button in the upper-left corner of the Add Google Calendar window. Note, any calendars that were previously synced with Google Calendar will no longer sync. If you need to sync with multiple accounts, see the instructions above.

After clicking the "Use a different account" button, a message will appear with additional instructions. Follow those instructions to configure VueMinder to sync with a different account.

After following these steps, the Add Google Calendar window will refresh to show the calendars associated with the account that is signed in.

Sync Options

To add a Google Calendar to your calendar list in VueMinder, select the calendar from the list on the left, and then click the "Add Calendar" button. You can also adjust the Sync Options, as described below.

Use the Add Calendar button to add the Google Calendar to VueMinder.

Calendar Appearance

The Calendar Appearance settings will default to a much closer match of the Google Calendar event colors. With a gradient style of "No gradient" selected, the second background color is used as a border color, similar to how all-day events are colors in Google Calendar.

The Calendar Appearance controls allow you to specify how the calendar should appear in VueMinder.

When colors are assigned to individual events in Google Calendar, those color overrides will sync to VueMinder. Overall calendar colors are also synced. If the calendar appearance is changed in VueMinder, the color in Google Calendar will be set to the closest match.

Here's an example of events on the Google Calendar webpage. One event uses the default calendar color and the other event uses a color override.

Here's how the events appear in VueMinder.

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