VueMinder Pro-to-Ultimate Upgrade Pricing

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VueMinder Pro-to-Ultimate Upgrade Pricing

Postby VueSoft » Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:18 am

If you own a Pro license and would like to upgrade to the Ultimate version, discounts are available. Since the Ultimate version is a new product, having update protection on the Pro version doesn't result in this being a free upgrade. However, since I want to be fair to any customers that would like to upgrade from Pro to Ultimate, the following discounts are in effect:

  • 25% Discount - If you purchased the Pro version more than 12 months ago and your update protection has expired.
  • 40% Discount - If you purchased the Pro version within the last 12 months.
  • 50% Discount - If you purchased both the Pro version and lifetime update protection. In addition to the license discount, lifetime update protection on the Ultimate version is also discounted 50%.

The appropriate discount will be automatically applied if you upgrade to the Pro 9.0 version and then use the "Buy VueMinder Ultimate" command on the File menu.

If you installed the Ultimate beta or upgraded to the Ultimate trial version, the Ultimate version won't know that you have a Pro license. If you don't see the discount when using the "Buy VueMinder Ultimate" command, please send an email to, along with your full name and email address used when the Pro version was purchased. A discount coupon will then be provided.
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