What's New in Version 2017.00 - Many Other Improvements

Version 2017.00 includes many other improvements and corrections. Some of the other more significant improvements are highlighted below. The release notes provide a summary of all the other changes that have been made in this version.

Insert Date and Time

The text editor has been improved to include a button for inserting the current date and time.

When the button is clicked, a window will appear where the desired format can be selected. The format can include just the date, or the date and time.The formats are also based on regional Windows date/time formats. The example below shows the formats when in the United States.

When a format is selected, it will be the default the next time inserting a date/time is commanded. The Enter key can be used to accept the default. The selected value will be inserted at the current text caret position in the text editor.

Sync Meetings on Google Calendar 

When VueMinder has been configured to sync with Google Calendar and a new meeting request is created or received on the Google Calendar side, VueMinder will now show the meeting attendees on the Meeting tab of the Event Editor. Here's an example meeting created in Google Calendar:

And here's the meeting notice as it appears in VueMinder after syncing. In the previous version, none of the meeting attendees would appear on the Meeting tab.

If you created the meeting or if the meeting creator granted you permission to edit the meeting, you'll be able to add or remove attendees within VueMinder. Otherwise, the meeting will be locked to prevent editing and potential sync errors. Here's how the example meeting appears in VueMinder when sent from a different account which didn't grant permission to edit the meeting. Notice all the input fields are read-only and a "read-only" notification is shown near the top of the editor.

In the previous version, it was possible to edit events in VueMinder that were supposed to be read-only meetings sent from other accounts. VueMinder would attempt to send the changes back to Google Calendar, but the sync would fail, resulting in differences between events seen in VueMinder and those seen in Google Calendar. Also, because VueMinder would keep trying (and failing) to sync the changes in the background, some users might have seen decreased performance. Version 2017.00 fixes all that.

Option to Sync Reminders with Exchange Server

Version 2017.00 adds an option to include (or not include) reminders when syncing calendars with Exchange Server. In the previous version, reminders were always synced - meaning you could see the same popup reminder in Outlook and again in VueMinder. When the option to include reminders is unchecked, VueMinder won't show popup reminders unless the reminders are enabled when editing events within VueMinder. Likewise, popup reminders that are enabled in VueMinder won't also appear in Outlook or other apps that are synced with Exchange Server. 

The option to include reminders can be unchecked when adding an Exchange calendar.

The option can also be turned off after the calendar has been added, via the Sync tab on the Calendar Properties.Note, this will only affect newly synced events. Events that were previously synced with reminders won't be affected.

Distribution Lists can be Renamed

Version 2017.00 adds the ability to rename previously created distribution lists. In the previous version, a distribution list name could be specified for a new distributions list, but after saving the list, the field would become read-only.

Copy and Paste Events on the Desktop Calendar

Version 2017.00 adds the ability to copy and paste events, notes, and tasks directly on the Desktop Calendar using the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keyboard shortcuts. Items can also be cut using the Ctrl+X shortcut. In the previous version, this was only possible on the main VueMinder window, not the Desktop Calendar.

High Resolution Displays and Text Scaling

Version 2017.00 fixes problems with some labels and other components of the user interface being scaled improperly on some high resolution (4K) displays. For example, here's how the Options window looked in the previous version on some displays:

Here's how it will look after upgrading to version 2017.00:

This setting is controlled via a new "Enable text scaling" setting that has been added to the Program Options. 

By default, VueMinder will scale its user interface to match how it was originally intended to appear on standard resolution displays. This includes proper sizing of all user interface components, like buttons, checkboxes, icons, labels, etc. On some displays, the user interface might appear slightly fuzzy or larger than you'd like. If this bothers you, you can check the "Enable text scaling" box to see if the user interface renders properly on your display. Note, VueMinder will need to be restarted before changes to the setting will take effect.
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