What's New in Version 2020.04 - Many other improvements and corrections

Select multiple reminders on the Recent Reminders window

Recently snoozed or dismissed reminders can be accessed via the Tools -> Recent Reminder menu command, where they can be selected for re-display, in case you accidentally dismissed or want to select a different snooze length. In the previous version, only one reminder at a time could be selected in the list. If you had a large number of reminders that were accidentally dismissed, you'd need to select and re-display each one, which could get a bit tedious. 

In version 2020.04, you can select any number of rows by dragging with the mouse, Ctrl+clicking, or Shift+clicking to select a range. After selecting the desired reminder rows, clicking the Redisplay button will process all the selected reminders in a single operation.

Auto-complete company, department, and job title fields on the Contact Editor

Version 2020.04 improves the Company, Department, and Job Title fields of the Contact Editor to support auto-completion and drop-down lists. The list of available values is determined by the values defined in other previously created or imported contacts. When you start typing in one of these fields, text will auto-complete if a partial match is found. You can also select a value by clicking the drop-down button. This helps ensure consistent data entry and makes it much faster to enter these values in these fields when defining new contacts.

View which contacts have been marked as private

When contacts are synced with Google Calendar or shared with other VueMinder Ultimate installations, a Private checkbox is provided on the Contact Editor to mark a contact as being private. Private contacts are excluded from syncing. Previously, there was no easy way to see which contacts were marked as private. You'd need to open the Contact Editor in order to see if the Private box was checked.

This has been improved in version 2020.04. The Contact List now provides a Private column. To view that column, right-click the column header on the Contacts tab of the main window, select Column Chooser from the popup menu, and check the box next to the Private column in the list of column names. 

The Private column can be sorted, filtered, and grouped just like other columns in the Contact list. The check boxes on the Private column can also be clicked to toggle whether a contact is private, without having to open the Contact Editor.

Choose how the item navigation buttons work

Up/down navigation arrow buttons are provided at the bottom of the Details Pane and on the toolbar at the top of the Event, Task, and Note Editor windows. In the previous version, these navigation buttons would navigate between all items of the currently selected type, regardless of whether the items were visible or in other calendars.

Version 2020.04 improves how these navigation buttons work. You can now specify whether to navigate between all items in all calendars (regardless of visibility), only visible items (regardless of associated calendar), or only visible items that are associated with the same calendar as the currently selected item. 

To change the navigation behavior, click the Options -> Program menu command and select the desired behavior from the Item up/down arrow navigation drop-down list.

Sync non-English characters with MySQL Server

VueMinder can share data with other computers over your local network by syncing with MySQL Server. For whatever reason, the developers of MySQL Server thought using Latin-1 encoding as the default for text values was a good idea, which means some non-English characters in event and task titles don't sync properly. 

This has been fixed in version 2020.04 when initially configuring VueMinder to share calendars through MySQL Server. Instead of Latin-1, the default character encoding will use UTF-8, which means all characters will sync properly. 

Unfortunately, this correction won't solve the problem if you've previously configured VueMinder to share calendars through MySQL Server before the 2020.04 release. If this affects you, you can solve the problem by following these steps after updating to version 2020.04 on all your computers:

  1. Completely exit VueMinder on all computers by using the "File -> Exit" menu command.
  2. Open MySQL Workbench and connect to the server.
  3. In the Navigator, right-click the "vueminder" schema and select "Drop Schema" from the popup menu. This will delete any previously shared calendars from the server.
  4. Restart VueMinder on all computers. 
  5. On all computers except one, delete the calendars that were shared. Make sure these calendars still exist on one of your computers.
  6. On the computer where the calendars were not deleted, open the Calendar Properties and select "Do not sync" on the Sync tab.
  7. Open the Sharing Options on each computer. Clear the host name, username, and password. Click OK.
  8. Re-open the Sharing Options and re-enter the connection information.
  9. On the computer where your calendars were not deleted, open the Calendar Properties again and re-enable sharing with VueMinder on other computers, via the Sync tab.
  10. The shared calendars should automatically appear on your other computers. Changes made on any computer should appear on all the other computers.
If you create or edit events that contained characters that previously weren't syncing properly, those characters should sync properly after following these steps.

And much more...

Version 2020.04 includes many other corrections an improvements. The release notes provide more information about other changes that have been made for version 2020.04.
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