What's New in Version 2020.04 - Edit Descriptions and Notes Using an Improved Text Editor

The text editor used in the Event, Task, Note, and Contact Editor windows has been completely rewritten in version 2020.04 to fix a variety of issues and add many additional capabilities. The new text editor now provides most of the same features you can find in a full-fledged text editor, such as Microsoft Word. 

Also, in the previous version, many of the text editing features (such as tables and bullet lists) were not available in the Lite version. That is no longer the case. All the text editor features that are available in the Pro and Ultimate versions are also available in the Lite version.

What does the new text editor fix?

The old text editor had a number of bugs. This is by no means an exhaustive list - just some of the things the new text editor fixes:
  • Corrected copying and pasting tables from Excel. The pasted formatting (colors, column widths, text alignment, etc.) didn't match what was copied from Excel.
  • Corrected various quirks with formatting or unformatting selected text (highlighting, coloring, selecting bold/italic/underline, etc). In some cases, the change wouldn't get applied, would get applied to other text, or would cause other text to disappear.
  • Corrected various quirks with pasting text, including problems with the text disappearing or being unable to paste into other fields after pasting into the text editor.
  • Corrected the inability to type some non-English characters (such as the Polish character ż) into the text editor.
  • Corrected performance issues when a large amount of text has been entered.
  • Corrected bullet and numbered lists to use the currently selected font. In some cases, a different font would be used for the list, and attempting to set the correct font could cause other issues.

Redesigned editor toolbar

Due to all the new capabilities that have been added to the new text editor, the toolbar buttons have been replaced with a ribbon menu that is divided into FormatInsert, and Review tabs. Table Design and Table Layout tabs will also appear when the text caret is within a table. The ribbon can be minimized by double-clicking any of the tabs. Also, Undo and Redo buttons will be shown to the left of the tab names, regardless of which tab is selected or whether the ribbon has been minimized.

Format Tab

The Format tab provides buttons for accessing the clipboard, formatting fonts and paragraphs, and inserting lists.

Here's a list of what you can do on this tab. New features are colored green:
  • Cut, copy, paste (plain or formatted)
  • Use a Format Painter to duplicate formatting to other content
  • Choose font name and size
  • Clear formatting on selected text
  • Set the font style to bold, italic, underline
  • Choose underline style (double line, dashes, squiggles, etc.)
  • Make text strikethrough
  • Make text subscript or superscript
  • Choose text highlight and color
  • Add bullet lists
  • Add numbered lists
  • Add multilevel lists
  • Increase/decrease paragraph indent
  • Choose left-to-right or right-to-left text direction
  • Show formatting symbols
  • Align text left, center, or right
  • Justify text
  • Choose shading color for paragraphs
  • Choose from predefined styles (normal, heading 1, heading 2, etc.)

Insert Tab

The Insert tab provides buttons for inserting tables, pictures, links, the current date or time, and symbols.

Here's a list of what you can do on this tab. New features are colored green:
  • Insert tables
  • Insert tables within tables
  • Insert pictures
  • Make pictures float over or behind text
  • Select how text should wrap around pictures
  • Resize pictures
  • Rotate, crop, blur, sharpen, and flip pictures
  • Add borders and text to pictures
  • Add captions to tables and pictures
  • Insert links to files and web pages
  • Insert the current date and time
  • Insert symbols
After inserting a picture, you can select the picture to resize it or access additional tools. A Tools popup menu will appear next to the picture and provides buttons for resizing, rotating, cropping, blurring, sharpening, and flipping the image. 

You can also right-click the image and select Edit Image from the popup menu to access additional tools for overlaying text, drawing shapes, adjusting the image saturation and contrast, and more.

Review Tab

The Review tab provides buttons for spell-checking, finding text, and replacing text.

When the Show Spelling Errors button is selected, any spelling errors will be automatically underlined with red squiggles. Right-click to correct the spelling or a word or add it to a custom dictionary.

VueMinder includes spell-check dictionaries for English (United States, Great Britain, and Australia), French, German, and Italian. The appropriate spell-check dictionary will be automatically selected depending on your Windows regional settings. If a dictionary isn't available for your language or region, the Show Spelling Errors button will be deselected by default.

Table Design Tab

The Table Design tab will be shown when the text caret is within a table. Many predefined table styles are provided in a style gallery drop-down.

Here's a list of what you can do on this tab. New features are colored green.
  • Style tables with header rows, total rows, banded rows, etc.
  • Choose from predefined table styles

Table Layout Tab

The Table Layout tab will be shown when the text caret is within a table. This tab provides buttons for selecting elements within a table, editing the table properties, deleting a table, adding or inserting rows, adding or inserting columns, merging/unmerging cells, selecting how columns should be sized, and aligning text within cells.

Here's a list of what you can do on this tab. New features are colored green.
  • Insert or delete rows and columns
  • Merge and unmerge table cells
  • Adjust table width
  • Specify fixed column widths
  • Adjust row heights
  • Align text within table cells

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