What's New in Version 2020.04 - Activate Using a License Key Instead of a Separate License Installer

Version 2020.04 uses license keys to improve how licenses are registered. Previously, a separate license installer was provided after purchasing. Customers would need to save a backup of the license installer, or request a replacement, if they needed to activate their license on a different computer. Starting with version 2020.04, license activation is much quicker and easier.

Goodbye license installer, hello license keys

The previous license installer approach was a bit different than how most other software programs handle license activation and often lead to confusion. Also, if a newer version was released after the license installer was created, you would need to install the old licensed version first, and then download and install the latest version.

In version 2020.04, licenses are activated using license keys. If the trial version was installed before a license was purchased, the license can be activated by simply entering a license key in the trial version - no separate license installation required. Licenses can be activated with an internet connection. If an internet connection isn't available, a license file can be requested for offline activation.

Also, separate update protection codes no longer need to be entered in the "Help -> About" window. Information about your license's update protection is tied to your license key, so you won't need to keep track of multiple keys/codes.

How to activate if you purchased prior to the VueMinder 2020.04 release

For customers that purchased licenses prior to version 2020.04, you'll need to re-activate your license after updating to the new version. We've tried to make this as painless as possible. You can re-activate by following these steps:

  1. After starting the new version on a computer where an older version of VueMinder was previously activated, a welcome window will appear. Select the option to get help finding your license key and click the Next button.

  2. Enter the email address you used when you purchased your license. It doesn't matter if the email address is no longer used, since no email will be sent to that address. It's just for locating your license.

  3. Click the "Find License Key" button. If you license is found, the window will update to show your license key and a button for copying the key. We strongly advise making a note of your license key, since you'll need the key if you ever want to activate your license on a different computer.

    If your license key can't be found, please contact support@vueminder.com. Please include the name you used when your license was purchased and any other information that could help us find your license key. We'll respond as quickly as we can.

  4. If your license key was found, click the Next button. Your license key and name will be automatically entered. Edit your name if needed, and then click the Activate button to perform an online activation.

  5. After clicking the Activate button, the window will show your license has been activated. Any update protection you purchased previously will also be indicated. Click the Close button to continue.

Please be aware the policy regarding how many computers a license can be activated on has been changed. Previously, a license could be activated on any number of computers as long as the license wasn't shared with other people outside your household. Due to some unfortunate abuse of this very tolerant policy, licensing has been changed to allow activation on up to 5 computers. Your license can still be shared with family members that live in your home, but will need to be activated under your name instead of their's and is limited to 5 computers total. If you've reached the limit and no longer need the license on an older computer, a self-service option is provided for you to deactivate the license on the old computer so you can activate on a new one.
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