What's New in Version 2020.01 - Many Other Corrections and Improvements

Choose whether closing a popup reminder results in the reminder being snoozed or dismissed

Version 2020.01 adds the ability to choose whether pressing the X button to close a popup reminder results in that reminder being snoozed or dismissed. In the previous version, popup reminders would be snoozed when the X button was clicked. In version 2020.01, they will be dismissed by default, which makes the behavior of popup reminders consistent with desktop alerts, which are also dismissed when pressing the X button.

To change what happens when the X button is clicked on a popup reminder, click the Options -> Reminders menu command and select the desired behavior from the When closed using X button drop-down. The selected behavior will be used for  popup reminders only.

Quickly navigate to the current date on the Mini Desktop Calendar

VueMinder can integrate a mini calendar with the Windows desktop background. This option can be enabled by clicking the View -> Mini Desktop Calendar menu option on the main VueMinder window. 

The Mini Desktop Calendar calendar will show a single month, which can be changed by clicking the month name or the left/right navigation buttons. In version 2020.01, the Mini Desktop Calendar has been improved to show a Today button when the current date isn't visible. Click that button to see the current date and month.

Restore the previous Mini Desktop Calendar position when switching between monitors or resolutions

The Mini Desktop Calendar has been improved in version 2020.01 to remember and restore its previous position on the Windows desktop when switching between monitors or display resolutions. In the previous version, only the Full Desktop Calendar would remember its position. The Mini Desktop Calendar would need to be manually re-positioned each time the display configuration changed.

See which dates have completed events and tasks on the Mini Desktop Calendar

In version 2020.01, dates that have completed events or tasks will be faded on the Mini Desktop Calendar, similar to how completed events and tasks are faded on the Day, Week, and Month views of the main VueMinder window.

And much more...

Version 2020.01 includes many other corrections an improvements. The release notes provide more information about other changes that have been made for version 2020.01.
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