What's New in Version 2020.01 - Add Columns to the Event List Showing When Events Were Created or Last Modified

VueMinder provides an Event List where you can view, sort, and filter all events occurring within a specified date range. VueMinder also keeps track of when events are created and modified. The Details Pane will show that information for a selected event, as circled in the example below:

However, until version 2020.01, there was no way to see the event creation and modification times in the Event List, meaning the only way to access that information was through the Details Pane, which only shows details for one event at a time. If you wanted to see a listing of events, sorted by when they were created or last modified, you were out of luck. 

Version 2020.01 improves this by adding Created and Modified columns to the Event List. These columns will be hidden by default, but can be enabled by right-clicking the column header and selecting Column Chooser from the popup menu. Check the boxes next to the column names to make them visible in the Event List.

After enabling the columns, they'll appear on the Event List. You can sort and filter values in those columns just like any of the other columns in the Event List. To sort, click the column header. Sort order can be toggled by clicking again. To filter, click the filter button on the right side of the column header.

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