What's New in Version 2019.02 - Many Other Corrections and Improvements

Version 2019.02 includes many other improvements and corrections - too many to explain in detail. However, here's a quick overview of some of the other changes...

More Quick Colors

The Quick Color submenu has been improved with 11 more colors.

The Appearance tab when editing events and notes has also been improved to include the new colors.

Contact "File As" Preference - "Last, First" or "First Last"

A preference has been added to the Contact Editor options (accessed from the Options -> Editors menu command) for specifying the default order of names for contact "File As" values. Previously, the "File As" values would always default to "Last, First". Now you can select "First Last" as the default. This default will be used when creating new contacts and when importing contacts from Google. The "File As" values are used for uniquely identifying contacts and sorting the Contact List.

Exclude Old Events When Adding Calendar from Exchange Server

An option has been added to the Add Exchange Calendar window for excluding events that occurred more than a specified number years in the past. Enabling this option can significantly reduce the amount of time required for performing the initial calendar download and sync, especially if your calendar contains many old events that you don't need to see in VueMinder.

Exclude Completed Tasks When Exporting

The Export Tasks window has been improved to provide an option to include or exclude completed tasks in the exported file. In the previous version, the export would always include completed tasks, which might not make sense depending on how you use the exported file. When the Include completed tasks box is unchecked, only overdue or upcoming tasks will be exported.

And Much More...

Version 2019.02 includes many other corrections an improvements. The release notes provide more information about other changes that have been made for version 2019.02.
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