What's New in Version 2019.02 - Automatically Reschedule Conflicting Events

Version 2019.02 adds an option to automatically reschedule other events when there's a schedule conflict within the same calendar. This option will appear a the top of the Event Editor where the notification of the conflict is shown. 

This feature works in conjunction with the work days and hours specified in the Work Day Options. Rescheduled events can extend past working hours, be postponed until the next working day, or be split to end when the work day ends, and then continue (as a second event) at the start of the next work day. To access these settings, click the Options -> Work Day menu command and select the desired behavior from the drop-down list shown near the bottom of the window.

When creating or editing an event that conflicts with other events, an orange warning label will be shown at the top of the Event Editor. A Postpone conflicting events check box will also be shown if the conflicts are associated with the same calendar. Check that box to cause any other conflicting events to be postponed when the event is saved. The checkbox will remember if it was previously checked, so you don’t need to remember to do this each time you create or edit an event that conflicts with other events.

In the example shown below, there are events occurring through most of the working hours on Monday, but there is some time available on Tuesday morning. The shaded time slots (before 8am and after 5pm) are outside the hours specified in the Work Day options.

In this example, an event is created occurring from 8-10am on Monday morning, which conflicts with two existing events. A notification is shown at the top of the Event Editor. The Postpone conflicting events box has been checked to solve the conflicts.

After saving the event, the schedule is automatically updated as shown in the example below. In this case, the Work Day option was configured to postpone events to the next work day instead of past working hours, so the "Debrief" event was moved to the next day.

If other postponed events have conflicts as well, their conflicts will also be postponed (and so on). The updated schedule will also be optimized to favor events that can fit within the current workday’s hours before splitting other conflicting events or postponing events to the next work day. 

This rescheduling of events can also be done by manually dragging-and-dropping events one at a time, but if your schedule is complex or has very few openings, this new feature can save you a lot of work.
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