What's New in Version 2019.01 - View Separate Date and Time Columns in Event and Task Lists

Version 2019.01 adds the ability to display separate date and time columns in the Event and Task Lists. This makes it possible to do things that were previously impossible, such as grouping event rows based on date only - making the Event List behave similar to an Agenda View provided in other calendar programs.

For the Event List, the new columns are named Start Date, Start Time, End Date, and End Time. For the Task List, the new columns are named Start Date, Start Time, Due Date, and Due Time.

These columns can be displayed or hidden by right-clicking the column header row and selecting Column Chooser from the popup menu. Use the check boxes to select the columns you'd like to be displayed.

These columns behave the same as the other columns. They can be grouped and sorted. The Date columns can also be filtered. To group rows based on only on start date, right-click the column header and select Show Group By Box. Next, drag-and-drop the Start Date column into the Group By Box. After doing this, you'll see rows grouped by the date when they start.

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