What's New in Version 2019.01 - Sync with Multiple Google Accounts

Version 2019.01 has been improved to support syncing with any number of Google accounts. If you have multiple accounts and you'd like to see all your calendar data in a single view, VueMinder now provides this capability.

Adding calendars associated with multiple Google accounts

The Add Google Calendar and Add Google Tasks windows have been modified to allow a previously connected account to be selected or to connect to a new account. The list of connected accounts will be available from a drop-down list. If you haven't previous connected VueMinder to a Google account, the list will be empty. Enter the account name you'd like to connect. You can name the account anything you'd like, but we recommend entering the email address of your Google account. 

After entering an account name or selecting from the drop-down list, click the Next button. If you haven't previously connected to the account, a web page will appear asking for you to select an account and allow VueMinder access. Make sure to pick the same account that was entered in VueMinder. 

After allowing access, VueMinder will update to show the list of all calendars in the selected account. Select a calendar and then click the Add Calendar button to add the calendar to VueMinder. 

If you'd like to switch to a different account, click the Back button and enter the desired account name. You can add any number of calendars to VueMinder from any number of Google accounts. Events and tasks for all the calendars will be overlaid into the same view.

Uploading local calendars to a selected Google account

When you open the Calendar Properties, the associated Google account name will be shown on the Sync tab. The value will be read-only if the calendar has already been configured to sync.

If the calendar isn't currently associated with a Google account and you'd like to enable syncing, check the Sync with Google Calendar box. Enter an account name in the Account field, or select a previously connected account from the drop-down list. After clicking the OK button, the calendar will be uploaded to the selected Google account.

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