What's New in Version 2019.01 - See Linked Items in Event, Task, Note, and Contact Lists

Version 2019.01 adds an optional Links column to the Event, Task, Note, and Contact Lists. The Links column will show the titles of any linked items, which can be clicked to open.

To show or hide the Links column, right-click the column header row and select Column Chooser from the popup menu. 

A new Links checkbox will be shown in the list of columns. Check the box to make the Links column visible, or uncheck to hide the column. The positioning of the Links column can also be adjusted using the Move Up or Move Down buttons.

The Links column can also be sorted, group, and filtered just like other columns. This opens up some powerful new capabilities. For example, if you'd like to see a list of all events that have been linked to a particular contact, you can filter the Links column to show only the rows that contain that contact's name.

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