What's New in Version 2019.01 - Securely Send Email Reminders Using Google Mail

Version 2019.01 adds an Use Google Mail option to the Email Settings. When this option is selected, VueMinder will use OAuth2.0 authentication to connect to your Google Mail account for sending email reminders. This is the authentication mechanism recommended by Google. It's more secure because it does not require your account name or password to be transmitted. In the previous version, VueMinder could connect to Google Mail using the SMTP option, but you'd need to enable access from less secure apps, and Google would warn you about your account security.

If you'd like to configure VueMinder to send email through Google Mail, it's very easy to configure - no more messing around with SMTP server names, port numbers, password, etc. Just enter your name and email address, and then allow VueMinder to send email through your account. 

If you're the type of person that likes step-by-step instructions with pictures, here you go:

  1. Click the Options -> Email Settings menu command.

  2. Select the Use Google Mail option.

  3. Enter your name and email address. The email address needs to be associated with the Google account you're going to use. If you try to enter a different email address, it won't work.

  4. Click the Connect button.

  5. A web browser should appear asking you to select a Google account and allow access. Select the account that is associated with the email address you entered, and then click the Allow button.

  6. Back in VueMinder, you should see the account is now connected. Click the Send a Test Email button to verify VueMinder can send email through your Google account.

  7. A test email should be sent and you should see a message indicating success. Verify by checking your email. VueMinder is now configured to send email securely through your Google Mail account using OAuth2.0 authentication.
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