What's New in Version 2019.01 - Many Other Improvements and Corrections

Version 2019.01 includes many other improvements and corrections - too many to explain in detail. However, here's a quick overview of some of the other changes...

Specify which tab should be displayed by default when creating or editing events, tasks, notes, and contacts

In the previous version, when an event, task, note, or contact was created or opened, the editor window would show its first tab by default. Depending on how you use VueMinder, the information available in the first tab might not be what you want to see or edit. This has been improved in version 2019.01 by adding Editor Options which can be accessed from the Options menu. The default tab can be selected for each editor.

Connect to Exchange Server calendars that are in any folder under your mailbox

In the previous version, the Add Exchange Calendar window would only show calendars found below the default Calendar folder in the connected Exchange mailbox. This prevented VueMinder from being able to sync with calendars that are in other folders. This has been improved in version 2019.01, which will now list calendars in all folders and subfolders, not just the Calendar folder.

Import URL values from iCalendar files

When importing iCalendar (ics) files in the previous version, URL properties on events would be ignored and not imported. Version 2019.01 has been improved to import these URLs, which will appear in the event descriptions after importing, and can be clicked in the Details Pane, popup Tooltip, or on the Description tab of the Event Editor.

Sync calendars with both Google Calendar and MySQL Server without generating duplicate events

In the previous version, if a calendar was configured to sync with both Google Calendar and MySQL Server, events would often be duplicated - especially in cases of changes to occurrences that are part of a recurring series. Depending on how many computers were connected to MySQL Server, this could result in dozens of duplicates each time an event was modified. The workaround was to only sync with Google Calendar or MySQL Server - but not both. This has been fixed in version 2019.01. Duplicates will no longer be generated when syncing with both Google Calendar and MySQL Server.

Properly sync floating tasks with Google Tasks

In the previous version, if a task was configured to float to the current date when overdue, and that task was associated with a calendar that is synced with Google Tasks, the task would continue to float to the current date even after being marked as complete. This problem has been corrected in Version 2019.01.

Sync bidirectional item links with MySQL Server

When sharing calendars through MySQL Server, links between items are also synced, provided the item being linked is also shared through MySQL Server. When a link is established from one item to another, it's bidirectional. In other words, if you link item A to item B, and then open item B, you should see a link back to item A. In the previous version, this only worked on the computer where the link was established. When opening item B on other computers, the link back to item A wouldn't appear. This has been fixed in version 2019.01. Now when a link is established, it will be bidirectional on all computers, not just the computer where the link was created.

And Much More...

Version 2019.01 includes many other corrections an improvements. The release notes provide more information about other changes that have been made for version 2019.01.
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