What's New in Version 2018.00 - Many Other Improvements and Corrections

Version 2018.00 includes many other improvements and corrections - too many to explain in detail. However, here's a quick overview of some of the other changes.

Show or Hide the Main VueMinder Window Using a Global Hotkey

The hotkey for showing the main VueMinder window has been improved. Pressing the hotkey again while the main window is already visible will cause the main window to be minimized. For example, if you're working in different application and would like to quickly check your calendar and then return to your previous application, press the hotkey to view the calendar and then press the hotkey again to return.

To assign a hotkey, click the "Options -> Hotkeys" menu command and make a selection for the "Show/hide main VueMinder window" action type.

Restore Previous Desktop Calendar Position when Switching Multi-Monitor Configuration

The Desktop Calendar has been improved to restore its previous size and position when switching between multi-monitor configurations. For example, if you've moved the Desktop Calendar to a second monitor and then switch to a single display, when the connection to the second monitor is restored, the Desktop Calendar will again appear on the second monitor. In the previous version, the Desktop Calendar would get moved to the primary monitor and would need to be manually moved back to the second monitor.

Export Multiple Reminders and Action Types to iCalendar (ics)

Exporting reminders to iCalendar (ics) files has been improved. If an event has multiple popup, desktop alert, or email reminders enabled, each of those reminders will be included in the export. The reminder "ACTION" type of "DISPLAY" or "EMAIL" will also be specified in the ics file, for better compatibility with other calendar programs. When exporting email reminders, the list of reminder recipients (names and email addresses) will also be included.

Likewise, importing reminders from iCalendar files has been improved. If there are email reminders specified in the ics file, those email reminders will be imported into VueMinder instead of being interpreted as popup reminders.

Duplicate a Category and its Appearance

The category editor has been improved to enable a selected category (and its appearance/colors) to be duplicated. To duplicate a category, select the category and then click the "Duplicate" button.

The new category will have the same appearance as the original and can be edited as needed.

Many, Many Other Improvements and Corrections

There are too many improvements and corrections to describe them all in detail. See the release notes for the full list of other improvements and corrections that have been made in version 2018.00.

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