What's New in Version 2018.00 - Decline Meetings in Calendars That are Synced with Exchange Server or Google Calendar

Version 2018.00 adds the ability to decline meetings in calendars that are synced with Google Calendar or Exchange Server. To decline a meeting request, simply delete it. A notification will automatically be sent to the meeting organizer letting them know you won't be able to attend.

In the previous version, attempting to delete a meeting (if you didn't organize the meeting) would result in a message stating the event can't be deleted because it's read-only. There was no mechanism to decline the meeting from within VueMinder. Also, after declining the meeting outside of VueMinder, the meeting would sometimes continue to appear in VueMinder due to a bug when syncing.

Meetings can be declined by pressing the Delete key, by clicking the "Delete Event" command on the right-click menu, or by opening the meeting and clicking the Delete button at the top of the Event Editor. 

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