What's New in Version 2017.03 - Track and Sync Event Creation and Modification Times

Version 2017.03 corrects and improves the tracking of event creation and modification times, especially for recurring events and for events that are synced with external sources. 

The Details Pane has been improved to show when an event was originally created. If an event is modified, the last modification time will also be shown.The Details Pane will show the correct creation and modification times for events, even when those events were created or modified outside of VueMinder and synced through Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange Server, or iCalendar.

In the previous version, whenever a single occurrence of a recurring series was modified, the last modification time shown in the Details Pane would be updated for all occurrences, not just the occurrence that was actually modified. This has been corrected in version 2017.03. 

Also, when publishing or exporting to an iCalendar (ics) file, the event creation and last modification times will be included in the data.
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