What's New in Version 2017.03 - Many Other Improvements and Corrections

Version 2017.03 includes many other improvements and corrections - too many to explain in detail. However, here's a quick overview of some of the other changes.

Updated Mini Desktop Calendar

The mini desktop calendar has been updated to include a "Show main VueMinder window" button (in the bottom-left corner). The "Show full desktop calendar" button (in the bottom-right corner) has also been improved to be larger and easier to click. In addition, the rounded corners of the mini desktop calendar have been changed to square corners to help make the mini desktop calendar look more at home on a Windows 10 desktop (rounded corners were sooooo Windows 7).

Desktop Calendar Task List Improvements

It turns out the task list shown on the full desktop calendar could cause VueMinder to run slower if there were a large number of completed tasks. If you've been using the tasks feature in VueMinder for a while and you've noticed VueMinder slowing down, there's a good chance that problem has been fixed in 2017.03.

Since showing completed tasks is not very useful (and you can find completed tasks on the Tasks tab of the main VueMinder window), we've improved performance by changing the task list on the desktop calendar to only show overdue or upcoming tasks. The task list has also been improved to make it easier to see task titles and due dates.

Outlook Syncing Improvements

Syncing with Outlook has been massively improved in version 2017.03. Syncing will be much faster now. Also, there were intermittent cases where all events in the synced calendar could end up being deleted if something went wrong during a sync (yikes!). That problem has been solved. We've also fixed a problem with existing calendars in VueMinder not being added to Outlook when syncing was enabled via the Calendar Properties.

Exchange Server Syncing Improvements

In the previous version, meeting requests that were created by other people and synced to VueMinder through Exchange Server could be incorrectly edited in VueMinder. Since you can't modify a meeting request when you're not the organizer, the changes wouldn't sync back to Exchange Server - but VueMinder would keep trying. This resulted in slower performance when syncing with Exchange Server. Also, since the meeting request could be accidentally edited in VueMinder, there could be discrepancies between the meeting details shown in VueMinder and the actual meeting.

These problems have been corrected in version 2017.03. Meeting requests you didn't organize will be correctly marked as read-only in VueMinder, so they can't be accidentally edited. Since it's no longer possible to edit meetings which can't sync back to Exchange Server, this also solves the performance issue. Meetings that you organize will continue to be editable in VueMinder. This change only affects meetings that were sent to you by someone else.

In addition, many other performance optimizations have been made when syncing with Exchange Server. The initial sync with Exchange Server will be faster now, as will any subsequent syncs.

Google Calendar Syncing Improvements

The syncing of meeting requests from Google Calendar has been improved. The meeting organizer's email address will now be shown on the Meeting tab of the Event Editor. 

Also, there were some cases in which a meeting request sent from another account could be incorrectly modified in VueMinder. Syncing of the modifications would fail due to your account not having permission to modify the meeting. This has also been corrected. Meeting requests that your account doesn't have permission to modify will be read-only in VueMinder.

iCalendar Subscription Improvements

Corrections have been made in version 2017.03 for iCalendar subscriptions which contain recurring events. When a recurring series was edited externally (such as in Yahoo! Calendar), and the option to edit the current instance and all future occurrences was selected, VueMinder would sometimes incorrectly show two instances of the recurring event on the data where the edited series began. Also, when occurrences were deleted, the deleted occurrences would still sometimes appear in VueMinder. Version 2017.03 has been corrected so what you see in VueMinder will exactly match what you see in your external calendar.

PrintableCal Integration Improvements

PrintableCal can import data from VueMinder when generating printable calendars, using a much wider variety of templates and settings than those provided by the Print feature in VueMinder. The templates can also be customized with different layouts, colors, logos, etc. 

When running with the previous version of VueMinder, PrintableCal would sometimes not import the latest data, especially if there were recent changes made in VueMinder. This has been fixed in version 2017.03 of VueMinder and version 1.9.8 of PrintableCal. When PrintableCal is commanded to generate, the latest data will always be imported from VueMinder.

Memo Printing Correction

The "Memo" print layout has been corrected in VueMinder 2017.03. Previously, the Memo layout would incorrectly show deleted occurrences of recurring events in calendars that are synced with an external source. These deleted events wouldn't appear when printing other layouts, just the Memo layout. In version 2017.03, deleted events will no longer appear when printing the Memo layout.

CSV Import/Export Improvements 

Version 2017.03 improves the exporting and importing of events, tasks, and notes to CSV and Excel files when using a non-English translation of VueMinder. In the previous version, the exported column headers weren't translated. 

Also, when importing, VueMinder wouldn't automatically recognize translated column header names, like the German "Startdatum" for "Start Date". You'd need to manually specify the column mappings every time. In version 2017.03, any translated fields exported by VueMinder will be automatically recognized and properly mapped when importing.

Security Improvements (Requires Windows 7 or Later)

Version 2017.03 has been updated to support TLS1.2 when subscribing to online calendars, sending email reminders, and performing various other online tasks that require a secure connection. For example, the previous version of VueMinder was unable subscribe to Yahoo! Calendar because TLS1.2 is now required. In version 2017.03, VueMinder can again subscribe to Yahoo! Calendar and perform various other online tasks that are no longer compatible with the older TLS security protocols.

Note: This improvement requires Windows 7 or later. TLS1.2 is not supported on Windows XP. If you're using Windows XP, VueMinder will revert to the older TLS1.0 protocol and you will be unable to subscribe to Yahoo! Calendar or do other things in VueMinder that require TLS1.2.

Many, Many Other Improvements and Corrections

There are too many improvements and corrections to describe them all in detail. See the release notes for the full list of other improvements and corrections that have been made in version 2017.03.
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