What's New in Version 2017.03 - Improved Display of Rescheduled Event Occurrences in the Details Pane

Version 2017.03 improves the display of modified event occurrences in the Details Pane. If an occurrence has been rescheduled or moved to a location that is different than the normal location for the series, the original time and/or location will be crossed out in the Details Pane, and followed by the updated values. This makes it much easier to identify when an occurrence has been modified, and to see exactly what changed.

In the example below, the Details Pane shows a weekly meeting that was rescheduled and moved to a different room.

This improvement will also be seen in the popup tooltip when hovering over an event, in any popup reminders or email reminders for the event, and when the calendar is saved to a web page.

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