What's New in Version 2017.03 - Do Not Disturb Mode to Temporarily Suppress Reminders

Version 2017.03 adds a "Do Not Disturb" mode. While enabled, this mode will prevent popup reminders and desktop alerts from appearing. This feature can be very helpful if you use your computer to present slides at a meeting and don't want reminders popping up, if you play full-screen games and don't want to be interrupted with reminders, or if you just want to focus on the task at hand without distraction. Any previously scheduled reminders will automatically appear after exiting Do Not Disturb mode.

Do Not Disturb mode can be toggled via a button on the main toolbar or from the View menu.

While Do Not Disturb mode is enabled, the Details Pane will indicate that reminders won't appear, in case you forget to exit Do Not Disturb mode and are wondering why your reminders aren't popping up anymore. Clicking the Do Not Disturb link in the Details Pane will exit Do Not Disturb mode.

An additional indicator of Do Not Disturb mode will also be shown in the Event Editor and Task Editor windows when scheduling a reminder.

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