What's New in Version 2017.00 - Independent Word-Wrapping of Tasks, Notes, and Events

Version 2017.00 adds additional word-wrap options to the Month view. It's now possible to independently select which types of items (events, tasks, and notes) should be word-wrapped. In the previous version, word-wrapping was all or nothing. Some items, like notes, could take up a lot of space when word-wrapping was enabled, making it more difficult to see other tasks and events. 

In the example below, word-wrapping is enabled for events, tasks, and notes. A new "Word Wrap" submenu appears on the Month Settings drop-down. In addition, the drop-down has been re-organized with a new "Visible Weeks" submenu. This helps decrease the drop-down height and makes it easier to find options.

Here's how it looks when just word-wrapping for notes is turned off. As you can see, events and tasks are still word-wrapped, but notes aren't.

Here's another example where word-wrapping is turned off for both notes and tasks, but left on for events. The word-wrap options are independent of each other.

These options are only provided in the Pro and Ultimate versions. Word-wrapping is not provided as an option in the Lite version.
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