What's New in Version 2017.00 - Improvements to Saved Web Pages

Version 2017.00 improves the appearance of events in generated web pages to better match the appearance of events seen in VueMinder. Event border colors, fonts, and custom appearances will now be reflected in the web page output. Web pages can be generated using the "File -> Save as Web Page" menu command.

In the example below, an event with a custom color and font has been defined on March 17. Other events have noticeable borders. In previous versions, the event borders, custom color, and custom font would not be seen in the output. Also, the event fonts were a bit too small to be easily read. Here's how the generated web page appears using version 2017.00:

For comparison, here's how the calendar appears in VueMinder:

The left/right navigation arrows have also been improved. Prior to version 2017.00, the arrows were displayed to the left of the month name. In version 2017.00, the arrows will be displayed on either side of the month name, making it more clear these arrows are for navigating to different months.
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