What's New in Version 2017.00 - Details Pane Filtering and Appearance Options

The Details Pane has been improved in version 2017.00. The Details Pane now includes a button to filter the items it displays, using the same filter that is applied to the Calendar View. In the previous version, items would always appear in the Details Pane, regardless of whether the associated calendar (or category or priority or location) was filtered.

Appearance options have also been added for the Details Pane. Depending on the selected appearance theme, the Details Pane could look out of place in previous versions, with its white background color and black text. In version 2017.00, it's now possible to customize the background, foreground, text, and other colors used in the Details Pane. These settings will also be used in the tooltip that is displayed when hovering over items.

Details Pane Filter

In the example below, the Funny Holidays calendar is filtered, but its events still appear in the Details Pane. This is the behavior prior to version 2017.00 and there was no way to override it.

In version 2017.00, a "Filter" button has been added to the bottom of the Details Pane. When this button is clicked, items will be filtered. In the example below, we can see the events associated with the Funny Holidays calendar no longer appear in the Details Pane. Clicking the "Filter" button again will return to the full list of events.

Customizing the Details Pane (and Tooltip) Appearance

When using one of the non-default appearance theme, the default colors of the Details Pane can contrast with the rest of the user interface. In the example below, the Dark Blue appearance theme is used. Notice the white background of the Details Pane. Some people might prefer a more integrated appearance, which is now possible with the introduction of appearance options for the Details Pane.

Here's an example of how the Details Pane looks after customizing its colors to better coordinate with the rest of the appearance theme:

The Details Pane appearance can be modified via a new "Details Pane" button that has been added to the Appearance Options (accessed from the Options menu).

When the Details Pane button is clicked, a window will appear where the background, title, text, link, and border colors can be customized. The default colors are shown below:

Different colors can be selected by clicking the color buttons.

 Colors from the default palette can be selected, or the "More Colors" button can be clicked to access a custom color picker.

As colors are selected, the Details Pane will dynamically refresh. The default colors can be restored by clicking the "Use Default" button on the Appearance Options window.

The specified colors will also be used by the popup tooltip which is displayed when hovering over events, tasks, and notes (if the "View -> Show Tooltips" menu option is checked). Here's an example tooltip using custom colors:

For comparison, here's how the tooltip looks when using the default colors:

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