What's New in Version 2017.00 - Contact Group Editor

Version 2017.00 adds the ability to easily create, delete, or rename contact groups. A default group for new contacts can also be selected.

To access this new feature, click the "Tools -> Contact Groups" menu command.

Contact groups can also be edited by clicking the new "..." button on the right side of the "Group/folder" field when editing a contact.

In past versions, there was no simple mechanism to rename or delete an existing group. The contact list would need to be exported to a CSV file, edited outside VueMinder, and then imported. Version 2017.00 makes this much easier. 

In the example below, hundreds of contacts have been assigned to a group named "Work", which will be renamed to "Acme Corp".

A group can be renamed by selecting the group's row and clicking the "Rename" button.

After clicking the Rename button, the group will enter edit mode. A different group name can be typed in.

After renaming the group, the contact list will instantly refresh to show the new group assignment. The change will also automatically sync with Google Contacts (if syncing has been enabled) or other computers running VueMinder Ultimate when sharing contact data.

The default group for new contacts can be selected from a drop-down list. This group will also be used when an existing group is deleted. Any contacts associated with a deleted group will be reassigned to the default group.

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