What's New in Version 2016.00 - Many Other Improvements


VueMinder 2016.00 adds many other improvements, including better performance and reliability, the ability to convert between events/tasks/notes, the ability to show only items associated with a selected calendar, and the handling of multiple display resolutions when positioning the Desktop Calendar. Many bugs have also been corrected.

Improved Performance and Reliability

We continue to optimize VueMinder's performance. In version 2016, we've moved a lot of processing into the background so it won't interfere with the responsiveness of the user interface. We've also optimized the performance of bulk operations, such as deleting an entire calendar or importing events. In addition, we've found and corrected all cases where background processing was being performed an unsafe manner, which could lead to inconsistent behavior or data corruption. 

You'll find VueMinder 2016 runs faster and is more responsive to user input. You'll also be far less likely to experience data loss or corruption. 

These changes leverage improvements that went into Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.5. If you already have that version of the .NET Framework installed, you're all set. In other words, if you're running Windows 8.x or 10, then you already have what VueMinder 2016 requires.

However, if you're still rocking .NET Framework 4.0 (which is the highest version that is compatible with Windows XP), then you'll need to make sure you have KB2468871 installed. This is an update to the .NET Framework 4.0 that was released way back in 2011. VueMinder won't work properly unless this update is installed.

Task Manager isn't the greatest measure of application performance, but it's what a lot of VueMinder's customers use. Here's what you should typically see in VueMinder 2016. Notice the CPU usage is 0% and the memory use is very modest (on most computers that have 8 GB or more of RAM, VueMinder uses less than 1% of the RAM). Note, the numbers you see in Task Manager may vary.

Convert Between Events, Tasks, and Notes

Events, tasks, and notes can be re-assigned to other calendars via the "Assign to Calendar" command on the Edit menu or right-click context menu. In Version 11.3.1 and earlier, the other calendars listed were of the same type (either event, task, or note). 

Version 2016 improves the "Assign to Calendar" feature to also list other calendar types. In other words, it's now possible to convert an event to a task or note by selecting one of those calendar types when using the "Assign to Calendar" command.

Show Only This Calendar

The checkboxes in the calendar list can be used to select which calendars should be visible. Calendars that are unchecked will be hidden. In the previous version, if you only wanted to see one particular calendar, you'd have to first individually uncheck the other calendars (or calendar groups). If you have many calendars, this could be a tedious process. 

Version 2016 improves the calendar list with a right-click "Show Only this Calendar" command, which will automatically uncheck all other calendars so only the selected calendar will have a checkmark and be visible.

Desktop Calendar Size and Position

The Desktop Calendar has been improved to restore its previous size and position when the screen layout or resolution changes. For example, if you run VueMinder on a laptop and connect an external monitor, the Desktop Calendar will restore its size and position based on what was used previously when the external monitor was connected. If the external monitor is disconnected, the Desktop Calendar will again restore its previous size and position to what was used previously. This will also be the case when running programs (such as games) that temporarily modify the screen resolution. 

After you configure the Desktop Calendar's size and position the way you like it on each screen resolution you use, you won't need to adjust it again when switching to a different screen resolution. The Desktop Calendar will remember.

Many Other Improvements

Version 2016 contains many other improvements and corrections that haven't been mentioned here. See the release notes for more detail. If you requested an improvement that didn't make it into version 2016.00, please know that we continue to work on improving VueMinder. We can't add every requested feature because VueMinder would become too large and complex. However, we do listen and the more people that request a particular feature, the more likely it will be implemented in a future release. 

Please keep the feedback coming. We truly appreciate suggestions on how we can continue to make VueMinder the best calendar program for Windows!
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