What's New in Version 2016.00 - Archive Old Events

Version 2016.00 adds the ability to archive old events, tasks, and notes. The archived data will be exported to iCalendar (ics) files which can be imported later as needed. 

If you have many old events, tasks, or notes which you no longer use, archiving the old data can help speed up VueMinder and decrease its memory use. Many other performance improvements have been made in version 2016.00, but archiving old data can provide an additional performance boost. 

This new feature is available on the File menu:

You can pick one or more calendars to be archived. You can also select the cutoff date. The cutoff date will default to 1 year in the past. Any events, tasks, or notes that occur before the cutoff date will be archived and removed - with the exception of recurring events that still have occurrences after the cutoff date.

After using the checkboxes to select the calendars to be archived, click the Archive button. A window will appear where the file name and location of the archive can be specified. Make a note of where you store the archive file, in case you need it later.

After the Save button is clicked, the archive will be generated. Depending on the number of items archived, this might take a few seconds (or more). A message will appear after the archive process has completed, indicating how many items were archived and removed from VueMinder.

The archived data will be stored in a compressed file. Each archived calendar will be a separate iCalendar (ics) file within the archive. If you ever need to restore data from the archive, you can extract the archive and use the Import command on the File menu in VueMinder to recover your previous data.
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