What's New in Version 11.0 - Sync With Google Contacts


Version 11.0 adds an option to automatically sync contact data with Google Contacts. Any contacts that are created or modified in VueMinder will sync to Google Contacts as well as any mobile devices that are linked with the same Google account. Changes made outside of VueMinder will also automatically sync to VueMinder. The changes will sync within 30 seconds.

In addition, improvements have been made to how contact data is imported from Google Contacts. VueMinder now supports repeating fields and custom labels on email, phone numbers, postal addresses, URLs, and associated dates.

By default, VueMinder won't sync with Google Contacts unless enabled by the user. There are several methods to enable syncing with Google Contacts, as described in the sections below. Also, please note the following:

  • Google Contact syncing is not compatible with 2-step verification. You can disable 2-step verification via the Google Account Security page.
  • Syncing only happens if changes are detected that actually need to be synced. This happens in the background. If you don't have an internet connection, syncing will happen the next time a connection is available. You can make changes while offline and those will sync when you go back online.
  • All your contact data will be available in VueMinder regardless of whether you are online or offline.

Enable Google Contact Syncing While Importing

If you're new to VueMinder or haven't previously imported your contacts, you can add your existing contacts to VueMinder by using the "Import Contacts" command on the File menu. Select "Google Contacts" as the source and enter your Google account username and password. To keep contacts in sync after the initial import, check the "Automatically sync with Google Contacts" box, which has been added to version 11.0. After clicking the Next button, your contacts will import and will stay in sync with Google Contacts. Also, any contacts you've previously defined locally in VueMinder that don't already exist in Google Contacts will be uploaded to your Google account.

Enable or Disable Google Contact Syncing From the Share Menu

Google Contact syncing can also be enabled (or disabled) via the "Google Contact Sync" command that has been added to the "Share" menu in version 11.0.

Clicking this command will result in the "Google Contact Sync" window appearing. If contact syncing hasn't already been enabled, the window will appear as shown below. Check the box to enable syncing and then enter your Google account username and password. After clicking OK, contacts will be synced with Google Contacts within 30 seconds.

If syncing was previously enabled, the window will appear as shown below. The date and time of the most recent sync will be shown, along with a button to perform a manual sync in case an automatic sync didn't happen (which normally shouldn't be the case). Syncing can also be disabled by unchecking the box at the top of the window.

Enable or Disable Google Contact Syncing From the Contact Editor

A button has been added to the Contact Editor Toolbar for enabling or disabling automatic syncing with Google Contacts. Clicking this button will open the same Google Contact Sync window that is accessed from the Share menu and described above.

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