What's New in Version 11.0 - Redesigned Contact Editor


Version 11.0 features a completely redesign Contact Editor. The new editor is much easier to use, has a cleaner layout, and adds the ability to define any number of email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, dates, or URLs for a contact. These values can have default labels, such as "Home" or "Work", as well as custom user-defined labels (Pro and Ultimate versions only). These values can also be synced with Google Contacts when using the Pro or Ultimate version.

Adding or Removing Values

The Phone, Mailing Addresses, Email, URLS, and Birthday/Anniversary areas of the Contact Editor have been improved to support any number of values. These areas will dynamically grow depending on how many values are defined. If the areas become too large to fit in the Contact Editor window, a vertical scrollbar will appear.

To add a new value, use the "Click to add" button on the last row. A drop-down list of default value types will appear. You can select an item from the drop-down list or enter your own custom label (Pro and Ultimate versions only). 

To remove a previously added value, select or click its row. A red X button will appear on the right side of the row. Click the X button to remove the row. You can also remove a row by clearing out its value.


Action Buttons

When a value is selected, it might have an additional "action button", depending on the value type.

  • A mobile phone number will have an action button to initiate a text message to the contact (Pro and Ultimate only).
  • Email addresses will have an action button to initiate a new email to the contact.
  • URLs will have an action button to open the URL in a web browser.
  • Birthdays and anniversaries will have an action button to add the date as a yearly recurring event to the calendar.

Private Contacts (Pro and Ultimate)

If you sync with Google Contacts, a "Private contact" checkbox will appear above the contact picture. Check this box to prevent the contact from syncing with Google Contacts. You can read more about the new Google Contact syncing feature here.



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