What's New in Version 11.0 - Many Other Improvements


Version 11.0 includes many other improvements and corrections, mostly based on user feedback and requests. We'll cover some of the more substantial improvements in this article. The full release notes can be found here.

Duplicate Events Will No Longer Appear in Shared Calendars

If you share calendars through VueMinder Server, you might have encountered a problem with recurring events sometimes duplicating. The behavior is inconsistent and not seen on every computer. However, we've tracked the problem down and a correction has been made in version  11.0. Note, if your calendar currently has duplicates, those will still need to be manually deleted. Version 11.0 will prevent any additional duplicates from being created, but won't clean up duplicates that were generated previously.

Past Events Can Be Automatically Completed

A new option labeled "Automatically complete past events" has been added to the Reminder Options. When enabled, events will be automatically marked as completed when the current time goes past the event ending time. If the View menu is configured to show completed events, these events will become faded (similar to Google Calendar). Otherwise, they will become hidden to reduce clutter and help you focus on what's coming up, not what has already been completed.

Description Column in Event and Task List Shows More Details

The "Description" column in the Event and Task Lists has been improved to show more content. Previously, if a description had multiple lines, only the first line of text would appear in the Event and Task Lists. In Version 11.0, the Description column will show as much text as possible, including text that was entered on new lines. If there isn't enough space for all text to fit, an ellipsis (...) will be shown to indicate there's additional text. Hovering the mouse over the value will show the entire description.

Date Numbers No Longer Obscure Background Pictures in the Month View

The Month view can be configured to show background pictures on different dates. In previous versions, when a background picture was displayed or printed, the entire top area of the picture would be faded to allow more contrast with the date number. In version 11.0, only the area directly below the date number is faded.

Here's a before and after comparison. Notice the top area of the day is no longer completely faded in the new version.

Details Pane Shows Which Tasks Have Been Completed

When a date is selected, the Details Pane will update to show the events, tasks, and notes that occur on that date. In the previous version, there was no indication in the Details Pane of which tasks have already been completed. Completed tasks would still show their due date. In version 11.0, the Details Pane has been updated to indicate which tasks have been completed. If you use the Details Pane as a quick reference to see what needs to be done on a selected date, you should find this improvement very helpful.

Text Message Reminders Can Now Send Just the Event or Task Description

By default, SMS reminders will include the event or task title, start/end date, and description. In many cases, there aren't enough characters for all this text to fit in a text message. Also, if you want to automate sending an SMS but not have it look like a reminder, there wasn't previously a mechanism to do this in VueMinder.

In version 11.0, a new option has been added when configuring SMS reminders. This option is labeled "Send only the text entered on the Description tab". As you might guess, this means only the text that has been entered on the Description tab will be included in the SMS reminder. Any formatted text will be converted to plain text when transmitted.

Desktop Calendar Move/Resize Corrections

The Desktop Calendar has been corrected to not allow its right edge (or any other edge) to be moved off the screen. Since the "Move/Resize" button is located in the upper-right corner, some users would accidentally get themselves into a condition where they moved the right side of the Desktop Calendar off the edge of their screen and coundn't access the "Move/Resize" button to move it back.

There was also a condition where all the buttons in the upper-right corner of the Desktop Calendar, including the Move/Resize button, could sometimes get removed or hidden. This would mostly happen after changing from a larger screen resolution to a smaller resolution. We've found what was causing the problem and it has been corrected in version 11.0.

Multiple Simultaneous Voice Reminders Will Queue Instead of Only One Reminder Playing

When a popup reminder or desktop is defined, there's an option on the "Content" tab to play a voice reminder. Unfortunately, in version 10.1.9 and earlier, if multiple voice reminders have been configured to appear at the same time, only one of the voice reminders would play. The others would be silent.

This has been corrected in version 11.0. In the case where multiple voice reminders occur at the same time, they will be queued and played one after another until all have been played (or snoozed/dismissed before they could be played).


Many Other Corrections and Improvements

Version 11.0 includes many other improvements and corrections not mentioned in this article. You can find the complete release notes here. If you've requested an improvement but it hasn't been implemented in 11.0, don't fret! We're already working hard on the next version and will continue to refine and improve VueMinder for as long as there's still interest in this product - which we hope will be a very long time!

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