What's New in Version 11.0 - Impoved Distribution List Editor


VueMinder provides the ability to send email, SMS, and voice phone reminders to entire distribution lists, rather than individual contacts. In version 11.0, contacts can now have multiple email addresses defined. The Distribution List Editor has been improved to allow selection of the desired email addresses. Instead of only showing the contact names in the editor, their email addresses will also be shown. In addition, the new editor provides the ability to search and filter contacts, making it easier to find the contacts you'd like to add to a distribution list.

How to Create and Modify Distribution Lists

Distribution lists can be created using the "New -> Distribution List" command on the File menu, or by right-clicking in the "Distribution List" area of the Contacts tab. Previously defined distribution lists can be opened by double-clicking the list name.

The Distribution List Editor is very similar to the new Select Recipients window that has been added in version 11.0 for selecting individual reminder recipients or meeting attendees. The Distribution List Editor will show all currently defined contacts. Contacts that have multiple email addresses will have multiple rows, one for each email address. Contact rows that already exist in the distribution list will be colored blue. To add a contact's email address to the distribution list, double-click the contact's row or single-click the row and then click the "To" button. Multiple rows can be selected by holding the Shift or Ctrl keys while clicking. 

To search or filter the list, enter a partial name or email address in the first row. All contacts that match the specified query will be listed. Other contacts will be filtered from the list. The query defaults to "contains", but can be modified by clicking the square button to the left of the cell value in the first row. The filter can also be cleared by clicking the button in the top-left corner.

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